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Readers Respond: My Unique Beauty Traits

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We all have physical traits that make us stand out. From that little freckle on your chin to the long eyelashes your mama blessed you with! Let's celebrate them year round instead of focusing on the negatives, which is so easy to do when we look in the mirror. Share with us what makes you beautiful. Share Your Beauty With Us

what i like about myself

My skin is soft, fair and gorgeous and my hair is straight and smooth, which suites me.

Inner beauty

I love my long, golden-brown hair, my warm brown eyes, and even my pale, peachy skin. I've learned to love my figure, despite it's skinniness, but more importantly I've learned to love who I am inside, and that's what makes me truly beautiful. I think everyone can be beautiful, if they are beautiful inside.
—Guest Mouse

What i love about me

well i have dark brown eyes im pakistani but in the light people notice my brown eyes and look into them because in my brown eyes there are so many black flecks people say i got cat eyes and im told that im lucky ive noticed it and i now adore my eyes coz i feel happy with them my eyes shape look like of japanese person but im not Japanese m full pakistani with fair brown skin and brown eyes it like the dark eyes have covere dit brown but when the light shines on me my eyes are diffrent you see shade of browns and honey in the middle and all the black flecks all over everyone has a unique feature everyone is born with it no matter how disfigured you may be or ill there something that is noticable
—Guest Junade

the beauty in me

i like much everything that i have.... cause it is made by my beloved God..
—Guest junilyn

What I like about me

I like my eyes-they sit well in my face and make me look youthful and innocent. They are well-defined and are dark-brown- they look real nice when I line them with black pencil liner. I always thought they were okay but it was such a pleasant surprise when everyone says that they are more than nice. I like my smile too.
—Guest Trish

what i love about me

i love my high cheek bones and my jaw line, i never considered myself as pretty until everybody made me notice my facial features are delicate... thanks mom! :)
—Guest Ariadna

What I love about my self

Face wise I love my skin color, I m pale but since I am from african decent I get nice bronwe color with a little of sun. My nose is very unique; I have been told by my history professor that I had a greek nose :), I have long lashes and I am thankful to God that he made me the way I am ...

what I like most about myself

I really like my eyes-they are light brown, but look slightly different with different colors(which is a lot of fun to experiment with). I'm the only one in my family with brown eyes(3 of my grandparents had blue eyes, and so does my dad-my mom and brother have hazel). I also love my long eyelashes. Everyone always thinks I have mascara on when I don't. I also love my hair, which is thick, brown, and wavy. SOmetimes it looks almost red and it's so much fun to try different hairstyles!(though it does often get frizzy) My skin's really pale and has a lot of frekles, but I've come to appreciate it, since I never have pimples or anything, and i wouldn't br me without my frekles. I've been told I also have plump lips. I like how i look, and wouldn't change anything-it's who I am.
—Guest ss

What I like most about myself...

are my dark brown eyes and eyelashes. People always say that my eyelashes are so long! I also like the shape of my eyes. These traits don't really stand out in my face but I'm sure that these make my face prettier overall (I'm not saying this in a vain way since I think that there are tons of people out there who I think are prettier than I am).
—Guest Allie


I love my hair with it's natural highlights and thick waves. I also love my eyes, that are sometimes blue, sometimes green, and sometimes gray.
—Guest Rachel

I love my teeth!

I love my small gapy teeth. growing up as a kid I hated them, but now i see they are cute and add to my uniqueness. I would never change them
—Guest Sarah

I m beautiful

I had forgotten to think that way... Now I'm reminded by you how good it is to be me.
—Guest Ruby

Negative feature turned into a positive.

The little bump on my nose.I always hated it until I realized my beautiful daughter Sammi has the same exact one. I love it on her & realized how it adds character and an identical feature on both of us. Whats not to love about that?
—Guest Trish

My eyes

I like the shape and color. Most times my eye color is brown, but at times it has flecks of green or gray. I like the shape too, the are on the wide side.
—Guest Denise

Brown eyed girl

I have very dark brown eyes and am a true brunette...growing up everyone around me was also a brunette but had either blue or green eyes except for my dad. But as I got older I learned to love them thanks in part to Van Morrison, but I received a lot of compliments and found that people seemed really drawn to them, and in turn me. They are unique in their own way as they are almost black, but my skin is quite fair and I think they along with my hair create a natural sexiness, yet they are friendly and approachable at the same time. My daughters have blond and blue eyes from their father which I never thought would happen, and I never hear the end of how "lucky" they are and its annoying on occasion but mostly because now I worry my girls will be defined or gain attention soley for those physical traits rather than their complex personalities. But like mine, their eyes are also full of life and expression and I hope that is what will make them beautiful too.
—Guest brandy719

Share Your Beauty With Us

My Unique Beauty Traits

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