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Shellac Review

Share Your Story: Shellac Nail Polish Reviews

By Sheena

How was the Shellac Manicure Procedure Different?

faster, less damaging to my nails, stays on for 2 weeks without chipping(if applied correctly), they let your real nails breathe, i think they look better, and they are strong like gel nails...love it!!!!

What did You Think of the Shellac Polish?

I absolutely love the shellac nail system, I do these nails on my own clients and they love it as well. The first time that i did it i thought that it was so cool the 2 minutes that it took for them to dry. Which was no time at all. I am curious to hear how long the polish stays on my clients. One of my clients it has stayed on now for over 2 weeks,which i find very cool. I also wear the polish on my nails and i love it, feel so much better them fake nails....uggghhhh, my nails can finally breathe. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks!!!!


  • it is very important to make sure that when doing the nails to make sure that you have covered all over the free edge of the nails, if not you will see them chipping within days, and through the winter to make sure to put cuticle oil on those nails, they look and feels better!!!!

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