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The Body Shop: Plunge and Purify Bath Soak

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The Body Shop: Plunge and Purify Body Soak

The Body Shop: Plunge and Purify Body Soak

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The Bottom Line

An amazing smelling detoxifying bath soak; if you close your eyes and smell, you'll swear you were at the spa.


  • When you take your first sniff, one word comes to mind: ahhhhh.
  • A great all body detoxifying soak.
  • Plastic container won't break like glass if dropped.
  • Can be used as a scrub with mixed with a body oil.


  • With vague directions; you're left guessing how much you should put in your bath.


  • A big tub of powdery soak that when mixed under running water, turns your bath water an aqua marine color.
  • The smell is very spa-like. You definitely feel as though you are getting a great body treatment right at home.
  • Ten treatments including: epsom salt, ricegrass extract, Amazonian clay, wheatgrass extract and babassu oil to name a few.
  • Use not only as a soak, but as a scrub when mixed with a body oil.

Guide Review - The Body Shop: Plunge and Purify Bath Soak

When I opened this tub of Plunge and Purify Bath Soak for the first time, I was in heaven. The smell brought me right back to an exfoliating treatment I once got in a spa in Portland. Following the directions, I poured about 1/4 cup of the soak under the running water in my bath. The consistency is of fine particles with obvious small granules of salt and sugar. My water instantly turned a light shade of aqua marine and the spa-like smell intensified.

The label states that is has approximately ten bathing treatments. Detoxifying your body is easy to do with the aid of a hot bath and this soak. The hot water causes your body to sweat out the impurities, and the Epsom salts, Amazonian clay and ricegrass extracts only aid further in the detoxifying. Epsom salts are known for their great ability to sooth tired achy muscles and flush out toxins. Amazonian clay not only detoxifies, but gives you soft smooth skin.

With further research, I found out that you can use this product not only for a soak, but also as a body scrub with an oil such as The Body Shop: Monoi Miracle Oil Mix a pinch of soak with a few drops of oil and rub over a part of your body and repeat. Upon trying this on my hands, I noticed immediately softer hands.

I really enjoyed this bath soak. The scent really relaxed me and I got out feeling calm and smelled wonderful for the entire rest of the evening.

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