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Turmeric for Skin


Turmeric or Curry Spice in Bowl
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When you think of turmeric, a delicious dish of curry might come to mind, but change that thought! Turmeric is great for your skin!

What is Turmeric: Turmeric is a spice used mainly in Asian cooking, specifically Thai and Indian. You're probably familiar with the Indian spice mix called curry. Turmeric plays a big role in that spice mixture. (curry powder mix recipe) It is also a vital ingredient in yellow mustard. (mustard recipe) Turmeric is bright orange-yellow in color with a light, complementary taste and smell. But just like many of nature's amazing natural ingredients, it has beneficial skin benefits as well!

Where Can You Buy it: Turmeric is not at all hard to find. Look for it at any grocery store or Asian market or even online. Often you'll find better pricing and bulk Asian spices at an Asian market, so it's a good place to stop. Just make sure it is 100% turmeric with no additives.

How Should I Use it On the Skin: As a face mask. Many people simply combine it with yogurt and a bit of honey and apply to their skin for 20 minutes before washing off. Others mix it with a bit of honey and use as a spot treatment for their acne. If you regularly make your own skin care recipes, try adding a bit of turmeric to your favorite face mask recipes.

What Skin Benefits does Turmeric Have:

  • Turmeric is knowing for its amazing ability to reduce acne and even scaring. People with oily skin and acne scars can expect to see benefit from using turmeric on a regular basis.
  • Turmeric is also a great anti-oxidant that helps fend off free-radicals, which age your skin prematurely.
  • Turmeric will help normalize uneven skin tone. Many people say that they were able to stop wearing foundation after using turmeric on their skin.
  • Some people even have used turmeric as an all-natural self tanner. We stress that there are very few skin tones that will match turmeric perfectly. Read on for more info on this.

A Must-Know Before You Use Turmeric on Your Skin: It will stain your skin temporarily. Some skin tones see this as a complementary glowing to their skin, other tone's see it as simply a noticeable yellow stain. Don't let it scare you, though. We recommend simply using it before bed.

What Others are Saying On Makeupalley.com, there are currently 86 reviews of turmeric with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and 93% of users saying they would buy again. Most of the reviews read like this, "Turmeric is amazing! It cleared up my skin, shrunk my pores, left my skin smoother and more plumped....but it stained my skin. Even so, I'm going to keep using it!" One reviewer said she used toner to reduce the yellow staining and most reviewers said the results were worth the staining.

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