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What to do About My Peeling Nails?


Tweezerman Spa 4-Way Buffer

Tweezerman Spa 4-Way Buffer

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Question: What to do About My Peeling Nails?

My nails are horrible! Just when I think they look good, they start peeling again. Is there any advice you can give those of us who would love to have long fingernails, but are stuck with peeling ones?


Sure! If you have peeling nails, chances are good that you don't do much in the way of nail care. And while that's fine, your nails will look better if you take a few minutes every once and a while to address these concerns.

Let's start with filing and shaping. When you cut your nails, forget about the cheapo nail files that you can find in packs of 10 at the drugstore. Those are usually too rough and leave your nails looking horrible. Instead, grab a nail file that has four filing sides like Tweezerman's 4-Way Buffer (compare prices) or one that you can find at your drugstore. The important thing is having four sides which you'll see have four different colored (and textured) files attached to one large file. You'll quickly use all four sides, and I promise you won't recognize your nails when you're done.

First, cut your nails to a reasonable length. Then it's time to shape your nails. With the roughest side (usually the black or dark gray side) file the tip of your nails, starting from the middle and working out. Continue until you reach your desired shape. (Don't know what shape to use? Here's help.)

Now, to help eliminate peeling, you need to gently go through each of the three sides left. This time we're going to be filing the nail itself, not just the tip. Starting with the next roughest, (not the black!), file each nail back and forth a few times. You'll notice shavings coming off almost instantly. It's important to go slow at first so you don't take off too much. Moving to the 2nd smoothest side, and you'll see a small amount of shavings continue. Make sure you spend enough time on each nail. Last is the softest side. This side is what will give you the "wow" feeling. It will give your nails a shiny finish that you won't believe. You can use this side as much as you think needed on each nail.

If you do this once a week, you'll be able to say goodbye to your peeling nails. But what if you want your nails to grow longer, and you think you need a little help with that too? There are products made just for you.

Try OPI Nail Envy (compare prices) and you'll notice your fingernails thrive. It's a clear polish that you apply daily for a week, remove, and start over. Sally Hansen has one as well, called Hard as Nails (compare prices). You can use these alone or use them as a base coat or top coat.

If you follow these steps, you can bid farewell to your peeling nails and say hello to well manicured fingernails you'll be happy to show off.

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