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How to Be Beautiful in 7 Simple Steps


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Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all description. We all have different skin types, hair types, body types, likes and dislikes. Some are tall, some are short, some are thin and some are naturally heavy. We truly believe that every single person can be beautiful each day with a tiny bit of effort and a little confidence.

Cheese! How Do Your Teeth Look?

If you're a heavy coffee drinker or red wine is your drink of choice, chances are good you could use a little whitening action on your teeth. (Guilty!) You don't have to go all out with in-office whitening if you don't want to. Simply use a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.

Beauty Tip: When it comes to getting your picture taken, smile with your teeth! You may not like your teeth, they may be a little crooked or not as white as you'd like, but you will always look more natural and beautiful if you smile for your pictures with a genuine teeth-showing smile even if your teeth aren't perfect.

When It Comes to Makeup, Think Classic, Not Trendy

Sometimes when you're looking at fashion magazines or beauty blogs (or heaven forbid, fashion week!) you come away thinking you need to stock up on the latest trends - be it green eye liner or shiny wet looking lipstick. Stick with the classics for a truly beautiful look because so often the trends leave you looking older.

Beauty Tip: One sure way to look back at a photo and cringe is by overdoing your eyes and your lips. Pick one and do it right. Then, leave the other more natural. If you're going for the hot cat-eye look, play down the lips with a sheer or nude. Do you love red lipstick? Play down the eyes with simply some mascara and sheer shadow.

Skip Tanning

You might think that a tan makes you look more beautiful than your pale bff, but if you keep tanning, you'll watch yourself get older in the mirror while your bff looks like she didn't age a day. Don't believe me? Check out the girls at your next high school. The ones who spent too much time in the sun are the ones with the crows feet. Sun exposure is the #1 cause of aging skin.

Beauty Tip: Self-tanners are totally safe, as long as you are remembering to protect your skin from the sun with daily sunscreen applied multiple times. They are so great these days that once you get your application method down (practice in the spring before you bare all) you won't even be able to tell the difference.

How Does Your Skin Look?

All it takes is a pimple, wrinkle, large pores or ashy skin to bring down your confidence level. That's why taking care of your skin daily is important. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect against the sun on a regular basis - head to toe. You'll get rid of ashy skin, your pores will stay unclogged and your skin will stay younger looking with moisturizer and SPF.

Beauty Tip: If you don't wear sunglasses every time you're outside, start today. Wearing sunglasses will help reduce your likely hood of getting crows feet. (More tips on avoiding crows feet.)

Dress in Clothes That Make You (Not the Mannequin) Look Good

This is huge, friends. It is so hard to pull off a trend if you don't have the perfect body for the trend. Ask the people who jumped at jeggings when they first came out and soon realized they were never ever meant to wear jeggings. (I may have been one of them.)

When it comes to fashion trends, pick the ones that suite your body and sprinkle the things that can fall in without making you look ridiculous. Accessorize with trendy items of the season and stick with the clothes that make your body look good. Not everyone should be wearing low-cut jeans (Hello muffin top), neon 80's re-runs or animal prints. Ask a real friend for her opinion and don't be offended by what she has to say.

Beauty Tip: Pintrest is a great place for clothing inspiration. People pin wardrobes all of the time. I typically find a wardrobe, scoff at the price and then have fun trying to recreate it in a price point that fits my budget. Sometimes all that is needed is what I have in my closet already paired with a killer belt.

Take Care of Your Nails

You could be doing everything right, the right wardrobe, the right hair color, the perfect shoes, but if your nails are jagged and chipped, you've lost it. I don't mean you have to polish your nails every other day, but simply keeping your nails filed, at uniform shape and clear of chipped polish will be worth it. Keeping your nails short and slightly squared is what's hot right now.

Beauty Tip: Your hands are your biggest age-teller. Have you ever seen a woman with the face of a 30 year old but the hands of a 40 year old? Use your excess skin care products on your hands to help slow down their aging. Also, sunscreen them daily, as well. (More tips for younger looking hands.)

Find a Good Stylist and Visit on a Regular Basis

Two things that will kill your look is going to a new stylist each time you need a haircut and not going until it's a dire emergency. Look at your co-workers or friends hair and if you see someone who always has good hair, ask for her stylist's info. It's always good to give a stylist a few visits to see how he or she does once you've shared your long-term goal. (How to find a new hairstylist) Don't wait for split ends to take over your hair, either. This will only lead to desperation to pick the first stylist who can get you in and more taken off than you really wanted.

Beauty Tip: Sick of your long hair? Considering cutting it short? Before you decide to cut your hair short, there are some things you should consider. Are you going take the time in the morning to do your hair? What about ponytails? Are you going to miss them? Anyone can pull off short hair, but be sure cutting it off is not a desperate plea for a change. Sometimes all that is needed is a color boost or bangs. (How to get short hair you won't hate.)

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