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Hand Creams For Men with Dry Hands


Guys, we hear you. Men have dry hands too! But most of the time you tough it out because you don’t want to smell like a girl. The problem with that is your skin gets dry, itchy and drives you crazy, right?

Today is your lucky day because I have a plethora of lotions and moisturizers meant strictly for men. No flowery or fruity scents allowed.

Anthony: Sport Healing Hand Cream

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This hand cream made specifically for men has a citrus smell and moisturizes even the driest of hands. Full of ingredients such as Vitamins, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, you can pretty much put it on in the morning and be done.

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Jack Black: Industrial Strength Hand Healer

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Made for the manliest of men; this hand cream is great for men who have calloused hands or for those of you who wash your hands frequently during the day. Fragrance and color free.

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Acca Kappa: 1869 Body Lotion

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This lotion, formulated just for men, not only hydrates your skin, but also improves elasticity and helps to protect it from outdoor elements. With Vitamins A, E and Karite Butter, you won’t recognize your new soft skin.

California North: Action Moisturizer 8 oz

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Created specifically for the athletes in the crowd; this moisturizer was tested by climbers in the Sierra Nevada mountain range for moisturizing effectiveness. This is an official product of world triathlons, so even if you’re not an athlete, you may want to leave this bottle out on your desk at work and let people think what they want.

ClarinsMen: Hand Cream

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This non oily hand cream sinks in fast to ensure you won’t have greasy hands the next time you introduce yourself with a handshake. This is perfect to have in the car if you travel to a lot of meetings. Full of B5 vitamins to keep your hands protected and nourished.

Ahava: Men's Hand Cream

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Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, this hand cream is for those of you with dry calloused skin. It will heal your skin and prevent further dryness and cracking with continued use.

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