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Skin Care Product Reviews

Skip straight to the good stuff: skin care product reviews. We've got the most informative skin care product reviews on all the best skin and body care products.
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Somme Institute 5-Step Product Review

Vaniqu Review Part 2
About.com's Guide to Skin Care, Jen Adkins, shares her experience with Vaniqa, the only FDA approved cream for hair removal. Here is her second update 4 months into using Vaniqa.

Skin Care Product Review Submission Guidelines and Review Policies
Do you wonder how we accept products for submission and if the review we write is actually our own? Comes see what we do and what we absolutely will not do when it comes to writing our product reviews at About.com Skin Care

Vaniqa Review: Part One
About.com's Guide to Skin Care, Jen Adkins, shares her experience with Vaniqa, the only FDA approved cream for hair removal.

REM: Spring Sprong Hair Remover
Product review of REM: Spring Sprong Hair Remover.

Burt's Bees Reviews
Here's a list of Burt's Bees skin care products that we have reviewed. More reviews of Burt's Bees products to come.

ACTIVAROMA: Pure Argan Oil
Review of ACTIVAROMA: Pure Argan Oil.

Freeman Beauty Skin Care Products
Reviews of Freeman Beauty Skin Care Products.

Palmer's: Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Care Products
Reviews of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Care Products.

Best Budget Skin Care - About.com Skin Care's 2011 Readers' Choice Award Winners
Here are the best budget skin care products - winners of About.com's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.

Opulent: Sensitive Skin Rejuvenation Kit
If you have sensitive, easily irritated dry skin, you may want to check out Opulent's Sensitive Skin Rejuvenation Kit . Their kit consists of 4 products: Fortified Cleanser, Serum CF, Ultra Lite Facial Cream and SPF 30 Sunscreen. See what we thought of them.

Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit
Product review of Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit.

Koh Gen Do: Oriental Plants Skin Care Line
Review of KohGenDo's Oriental Plants skin care line.

Bio of Mary Ellen Kramer
Mary Ellen Kramer helps us weed through the multitude of skin care products, one at a time, to find those that actually work.

Skin Care Products: Splurge or Save - How Much Do You Spend on Skin C…
Some people swear by high-end skin care lines, while others feel drugstore beauty brands are just as good. Do you splurge on skin care products, or do you stick with what you can find at Target? Weigh in on why you think the money you spend on skin care products is right for you.

Review of SensiClear Skin Care Regimen.

Reviews by Mary-Ellen Kramer
Mary-Ellen Kramer is always on the look-out for skin care products that are non-irritating, work well and are compatible with her extremely fair and sensitive skin. Take a look at what Mary-Ellen has been reviewing.

Kohler Waters Spa - The American Club Resort
The American Club is the only AAA Five Diamond award hotel in the entire Midwest and it boasts the Forbes 4-Star winning Kohler Waters Spa. What once was housing for immigrants who came to work for Kohler is now a resort with 240 rooms, five restaurants as well as venues that open up to seat up to 1,000. History meets modern times.

Koh Gen Do Product Reviews
Thinking about buying a Koh Gen Do product? Read our reviews, first!

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