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Readers Respond: Tried and True Skin Care Recipes from Readers

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From the article: Make Your Own Pore Strips
Whether it's a milk bath or a special face mask you've created, we're firm believers in home made skin care recipes. It's a great way to treat your skin, often times using what you have in your kitchen! So, what do you create for your skin. Share it with others!

Mia Gordon

Coconut oil is antibacterial and when used in a face serum like this one is a very effective natural way to remove pimples. Leaves your skin feeling clean soft and clear. Coconut oil face mask or serum (great for removing pimples) How to remove pimples with coconut oil wash & face serum Mix together 2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil & olive or almond oil Take 3 drops tea tree and/or lavender oil & add to serum Use this antibacterial mix as a cleanser and moisturizing serum daily to clear up pimples Rinse with water & squeeze of lemon or few drops of tea tree oil added to the water or use aloe vera juice. This a very antibacterial mix but the coconut oil is also gentle on skin and soothing too. By using lavender oil it also soothes inflammation and calms redness. (If you don’t have tea tree or lavender oil use lemon juice or basil juice squeezed from fresh basil and a pinch or turmeric powder to combat and remove acne bacteria)
—Guest Mia G

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