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Readers Respond: My Thoughts on Mystic Tan

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From the article: Self Tanning Lotion Tips
Let me just state for the record: I do not like Mystic Tan. I don't like the process or the results. Personally I'd rather be pasty white than Mystic-y Orange. But I know that that is my personal thoughts, and yours might be different.

If you're looking for reviews on Mystic Tan, read my personal review. If you've experienced Mystic Tan yourself, write down your experience, what you loved or hated and if you'd recommend it to your girlfriends.

Your Personal Reviews

freaked me out!!

I loved the tan after but its not to relaxing, it freaked me out enough i was jumping around and then opened my mouth because of the nose plugs YUCKK.
—Guest Marie


I have one Mystic Tan a week and I absolutely love them! It is so much quicker and there is no awkwardness of being naked in front of someone because you are in a room all by your self.
—Guest Alyson

I'd do it again

I'm 14 years old and I really like mystic tan it's easy to understand although its pretty loud. The bottoms of my feet turned really brown even with the barrier cream. And my friends all day my face is orange also, the hair cap fell down during the tan and now I have a huge white part on my forehead but otherwise it's really good
—Guest Pretty happy

mystic tan

All I can say is I really like it alot! I have tries it several different occasions and I've had good experience with the mystic tan and all the ladies at hot spot tanning in Murfeessboro are so very helpful and educated on the products
—Guest carrie winton

My first

I had my mystic tan yesterday. Took a bath & exfoliated my face before I went. It came out pretty even but my hands & feet are darker than my body. I do have a somewhat orange tone but not too much. I guess since I am Puerto Rican & have a medium complextion I look tanner but if I was lighter than the orange would be more noticeable. I have stretch marks on my belly so I thought it would cover them up but not so much. I've tried lemon & sugar also vinegar scrubs but nothing helps my hands or feet. I have a small streak on my arm but I know its not my fault cuz I haven't done nothing but nap so I recommend the tan but definetly not before a event. You never know what your gonna get the next day. Hopefully when my hands fade I'll feel perfect. Hopefully in a day or 2. Oh I also heard to prevent what im going through your supose to use barrier cream on hands & feet before the session. Ask for it cuz they didn't give me none. Good luck with your flawless tans everybody.
—Guest Cristina

Mystic spray tan!

Omg!! I love it! I have my prom today at 7pm and I got my spray tan yesterday about 4.40pm! I could immediately see results after my spray tan, during the evening I began to worry whether the tan would come out dark enough. I slept on my tan and when I woke up I was really tanned :) I am now still going brown - not orange HURRAYYYY! I got the medium with the triple tan shot with the enhancer! I have no streak marks! Be sure to shave right before your tan and exfoliate EVERY day for like a week before so your tan goes on evenly! Will deffo be getting it again its well work the money if you prepare properly!!! :) Very pleased. Oh and exfoliate your face aswel before the spray tan so that goes on evenly aswel! :)
—Guest Becky


you should have sworehed the morning after you had the spray tan. you do this because there are 2 layers. the bottom layer is the main tan and the top layer is called scum' and that needs to be gone, otherwise your tan will not look nice and it won't work as good. when you do shower, don't use shower gel or soap or anything like that, just gently pat your body and when you come out of the shower, pat yourself with a towel, don't rub because the tan will go streaky and won't look nice at all.
—Guest rFUlWerWHEzaSaswbaZ


I work at a tanning salon that uses the mystic tan. I myself had never done uv free tanning but ended up loving it. First time I tried a medium but didnt like the color. Next time I did the dark and it make me look nice and tan with more of a bronze hue to it. I ended uo eventually going with the light color. This gives you a nice glow without screaming face tan. If you apply the blending cream generously to your Palms you should not have the orange hand problem. As well as another trick. Place a towel under your feet and then slide the towel to the correct numbers. Leaves the bottoms of your feet Aaron clean As your palms ! Try the light color. Gets you 1-3 shades darker and leaves you with a healthy non orange looking glow. Promise you will like it!! Hope this helped.
—Guest yes i mystic

Satisfied. LOVE IT.

To all the people with negative responses...you aren't doing it right. You absolutely need to add the triple boost stuff. It completely eliminates all chances of having orangey undertones. I layed in a tanning bed for 8 minutes right before I did mystic and I am not orange at all. I love how tan I am! To the newbies: don't worry. Let your tanning salon workers help you out with which color to choose. GET TE TRIPLE BOOST. :)
—Guest Meli

Love love LOVE it!

I live in West Texas and as much as I'm outside I absolutely do NOT tan. I'm not sure where other reviewers live that it'd be so expensive but the salon I go to is only $33 for the Medium color, bronzer and enhancer! I am totally in love with Mystic Tan. My color always turns out even and fades even as well. When you have it don't use any kind of body SCRUB as it takes off the tan. I have sensitive skin and tanning beds dry me out no matter how much or what kind of lotion I use. I'm a Mystic Tan Club Member at my salon and never been happier with any other spray or self tanner!
—Guest Mystic Lover

not worth it!

mystic tan is not worth the price at all! I'm a frequent spray tan customer and have done many versa spa sessions (all shades) as well as personal spray tans. the mystic tan cost more then both, took a day to see any difference, and barely even showed a difference at that! I even got the bronzed and a medium spray. the tan was also a little unever as well. needless to say I will never go back to a mystic tan booth again.
—Guest mk

mystic tan

Haha they call it mystic tan because it is a mystery what you will actually look like till 8 hours later. I specifically asked the girl at the tanning place how much blending cream to put on and where i said i dont want to have orange hands feet knees etc i even took my time to make sure i rubbed my cuticles and under my nails. i re read the directions on the wall and wala this morning when i woke up i had one hand white with touches of orange and the other hand looks like i put 3 od my fingers in a rustoleum can. My feet look just as bad except they are completly orange. I am so mad right now like my hands arent dry enough im going to have to go to work all day looking like a freak and then go home only to have to scrub the skin off just so i dont scare people. Mystic tan sucks.
—Guest sunnylizz


I'm happy that Mystic Has a new formula but how do you have antioxidants in combination with a new ingredient called Erythrulose that reacts to oxygen to get that brownish color? Wouldn't one cancel out the other?
—Guest Confused

Will try Anything Once

I got the medium shade for the first time yesterday. I used alot of barrier cream and altho the actual process standing in the booth etc, was very easy i'm orange so I won't be using Mystic Tan again. I can pay half the amount to St Tropez myself at home and i'd look better.
—Guest VickySmile

It was awful

I have been laying in the regular tanning bed then i tried the mystic i am orange and it was a total waste of 70 dollars !!!
—Guest Orange pumkin

Your Personal Reviews

My Thoughts on Mystic Tan

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