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Readers Respond: My Thoughts on Mystic Tan

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From the article: Self Tanning Lotion Tips
Let me just state for the record: I do not like Mystic Tan. I don't like the process or the results. Personally I'd rather be pasty white than Mystic-y Orange. But I know that that is my personal thoughts, and yours might be different.

If you're looking for reviews on Mystic Tan, read my personal review. If you've experienced Mystic Tan yourself, write down your experience, what you loved or hated and if you'd recommend it to your girlfriends.

Your Personal Reviews

It was awful

I have been laying in the regular tanning bed then i tried the mystic i am orange and it was a total waste of 70 dollars !!!
—Guest Orange pumkin

Love it.

I had a girl who airbrushed me for the last couple of years, but that was expensive, so I only did it for special occasions. I decided to try Mystic, since it's cheaper. The first time I went, I didn't like it. It wore off in weird splotches, even though I exfoliated and all that. I researched it a little and someone who owned a tanning salon said there are some generics out there. So I tried a different tanning place and it looks great!! I'm sitting here 5 days after, admiring my nearly-perfect tan. I need to apply the barrier-cream lesson (use it liberally on your hands!!), but other than that it's perfect. I will say this: it's a little disconcerting when the thing is spraying. But it's perfectly safe, and you can breathe it in without dying. I have asthma and it's fine. I try not to squint my eyes, because that can leave lines around your eyes. Just gently close them. You'll get used to it. It does stink, but not as bad as chemo. Just hold your breath while it's spraying your face.
—Guest Jena

LOVE Mystic!

Okay. I'm very white. I don't tan. My body gets a little tan, MAYBE.. but it's not even tan. It just gets closer to normal body color. My face only burns. I did Mystic three days ago and LOVE it. I did level 1 and I'm really happy with it. Use more barrier cream on your fingers than you think. Glop it on. My fingers turned orange but the rest of me looks good. I left it on overnight and showered the next day. The night before- exfoliate, shower, shave and then go in the next day. I am someone who always wears jeans in the summer because I'm embarrassed of my white legs and I went out the day after to buy dresses because I don't think I'll be needing any pants this summer.
—Guest Love it

this is crazy

I am very fair skinned and recently moved to Texas. I usually look like Casper the ghost compared to the other tan people here. I decided to try the mystic, it looked great at first glance but this morning after I showered half most of the color didn't take to the back of my legs my face is dark and my knees hands feet ankles and elbow's are orange (I used the barrier cream) so I guess because of how my skin is it just decided not to take to half my body, but my face arms and shoulders look great! lmao this is ridiculous to each their own. good luck!
—Guest umpa lumpa

First time user

I decided out of nowhere to get a tan. I wish I had been a little more prepared. Advice: use lots of barrier cream, make sure to get in between toes. hold your breath, and dont freak out, the stuff tastes terrible.
—Guest Marleana

Not bad

I went today and followed all the steps. I got the light color, because i have fair skin. I used the barrier cream on the creases of my body (neck, tummy muffin lol) as well as my elbows, knees, hands and feet. It's a very subtle glow but not too orange. & It costs about the same as what religiously tanning my skin with UV rays would cost monthly, without the damage to my skin. Not bad at all.
—Guest Noob

Good and bad

I wanted to have some colour before going to Mexico as I am very fair. Decided to try it a week before going...the lightest setting with bronzer did nothing. I even forgot to put on the barrier cream and...nothing. Next day went and had it redone on medium and it was great! Had it redone before getting on the airplane and felt great! However, halfway through Mexico my actual tan wasn't kicking in fast enough and I was noticeably blotchy for a couple days. A little embarrassing as I felt that my tanning efforts had been exposed as fake! I might do it again as it was an instant confidence booster for someone who's been told they're so pale all their life. However, I don't know how you weekly mystic people afford it!! I got it on a sale promotion and still paid $100 for two!!
—Guest Mexico


Okay, so I tried Mystic yesterday, after reading lots of great reviews, and a few bad ones. I watched an instructional video on YouTube and, I think, did everything right in terms of prep. This morning I wake up--orange. Now, I never turn orange with self-tanning lotions--not even a little. But I am orange. Must depend on your personal body chemistry. Mine does not agree with Mystic's spray formula. Plus, my feet have black rings on them, and my hands look filthy. Yes, I used barrier cream. Yes, I exfoliated. Yes, I wiped down my hands and feet after tanning. Yes! I am orange. Go ahead and try it. It might work for you. But (A) don't try it before an important event; and (B)wear some kind of plastic booties on your feet. If you don't, when you change positions during tanning, you will be stepping on spray covered floor--and your feet will be saturated! As for me, I've been wearing jeans and a long-sleeved sweater all day...and it's in the nineties!
—Guest Pumpkin

Love it

I really like mystic. I don't tan well so this is a quick way for me to get a golden tan. I after applying barrier cream, I put a papertowel under each foot and just shift on the towels as the machine says to turn. That way the bottoms of my feet don't pick up the color. Be sure not to use moisterizer with alpha hydrox afterward b/c it will fade your tan. Mine lasts 5-7 days.
—Guest mari

Love it!

In order to look great like I do,shave night before.Exfoliate but not too harsh.Moisterize. Don't be afraid of the barrier cream...slab it on your dry areas because it picks up most color. Then you will look flawless!!!
—Guest Great


I got the mystic tan a couple of days ago and since there's been nothing but trouble. i barely saw any change in my skin color AND because i breathed in all of the spray while in the booth (which is terrifying by the way) i am now experiencing cold like symptoms because it got into my sinuses. This was a very bad idea.
—Guest I'll never do that again.

How to get it right

You can't just up and decide you want to get a mystic. Once decided, you MUST take these steps for A WEEK to get it right. Otherwise you too will have horror stories. ALSO GET THE RIGHT COLOR. Don't go too dark. I am dark & tan easily & I still use the medium. Not sure? start with a level 1. 1. Exfoliate with gloves and wash daily 2. Moisturize 1x or 2x/day from head to toe 3. SHAVE in 24hr period before you go 4. Paint nails to avoid turning yellow (remove once finished tanning) Follow the instructions and don't be afraid of the blocker lotion. Glop it on hands and feet. Immediately wipe off (DON'T DAB) from base of heels up & base of wrist up arms. Pay most attention to areas that bend/wrinkle or have excess skin. Don't wash it off until the next day. Wait a few days before exfoliating again and make sure to keep moisturizing. WEEK AFTER RESULTS: The tan will start to spot off in about 3 days. Go weekly to stay tan or it slowly fads off. Nothing scary looking when fading.
—Guest jean marie

love it when u do it right

u gotta make sure u use barrier cream properly. if u do your experience will be fantastic. pat down any excess, dont rub!! I GO ONCE A WEEK AND LOVIN IT!
—Guest bradley erin93@yahoo.com

Mystic all the way!!!!

I had the best experience ever! Did a med cart and the color is even and not too dark!! Can't wait to do another one..
—Guest Ashley Edmonton

I'm Tan for the First Time!

I got a Mystic Tan for the first time this past weekend and I am completely in love with the results! I'm fair-skinned, so I used the lightest color, and it turned out great. I shaved and exfoliated the night before, then went the next morning. The lady gave me a packet of moisturizer ("to balance the pH in my skin so it would tan evenly"), which I put all over my body, and then I put the barrier lotion on my hands and feet. The only problem I had was the palms of my hands turned orange, I think because I didn't use enough of the barrier lotion. Next time, I'll just use a lot more lotion, so that doesn't happen. My husband loves my color! We've been married 5 years and he's never seen me tan before! Heck, I'm 27 and I've never seen me tan before! I love it!
—Guest Bethany

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