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Readers Respond: Your Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product

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From the article: Beauty Product of the Day
We all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to beauty products. Let's share our drugstore beauty gems! What's your favorite drugstore beauty product, and why should we try it? What's Your Favorite?

Favorite drugstore products

I love Clean & Clear morning burst cleanser! It has brightened my skin and gets me going in the morning. I am over 40, so every little bit helps!
—Guest Jbpowell

Best Mask Ever!

I have been using the St Ives Blue Mineral mask for many, many years and haven't found anything better, at any price. This mask completely cleans your skin, removes blackheads and impurities, all without stripping your skin of moisture.
—Guest Jenn8779

L'Oreal Eye Make Up Remover

It's cheap and works really well. Does not leave a residue, is not oily and does not irritate the eyes.
—Guest Anna

Black Soap

I use this soap twice a day to control my acne and to give my skin an even tone, and it works great! Its only $2 at walmart!
—Guest Marissa

Aveeno and Dr Jeffrey Dover

The Aveeno line is great for people with sensitive skin. The Uktra calming line in particular. Dr Jeffrey Dover ( only at CVS ) has an advanced brightening serum that can compete with any high end brightening serum. It has 2% Hydroquinone and works great.
—Guest robyn


I know it's a little icky, but I find so many uses with Vaseline. It removes my eye makeup, moisturizes my lips, keeps my elbows soft and keeps my cuticles from peeling.
—Guest Pam

Apricot Scrub

I love the super cheap Apricot Scrub that has been around forever. But I think it's too rough for my face, so I use it as a body scrub instead. Super cheap and it works!
—Guest Victoria

What's Your Favorite?

Your Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product

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