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Share Your Story: Shellac Nail Polish Reviews

By jennmc15

How was the Shellac Manicure Procedure Different?

More coats and longer time

What did You Think of the Shellac Polish?

The first time I got the shellac manicure, it started peeling the next day! 6 out of 10 fingers peeled, went back to the place I receive the manicure and had the whole shellac manicure done again, the next day again it started peeling!!! I went back and had a different girl do it and she stated that the ends needed to be covered, she did that, and today, one day later, 2 nails peeled off again. I don't understand, I do not have any health problems and am frustrated that I paid $50 to get this done, do you think that opi axxium would work better? I've had regular manicures that lasted longer than this!


  • Looking for advice myself about what could have caused this problem!

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