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Reader Stories: Shellac Nail Polish Reviews


Creative Nail Design has created an amazing breakthrough for manicures and pedicures called Shellac Nail Polish. It's a hybrid polish that lasts a full 14 days without chipping! (No kidding!) The colors are gorgeous and the price isn't much more than a typical polish manicure.

Now I have the best looking nails I have ever had

I loved the polish. I work in a hospital and i use hand sanitizer a huge amount and i wash my hands alot. I was breaking my nails down past the quick so i got this polish and now i have maybe the bes…More

Damaged nails

I like the polish, but the damage to my nails are terrifying! It's my third time getting a "shellac" mani. The last time I got it removed at the place they used a drill thing and filed down the polis…More


as to chipping the french manicure on my real nails did not chip. However it started staining before the first week was out. Why? I sis not put my hands in dirt or any cleaning products. I use a make…More

Dehydrator is a must!

I used to have the problem that the Shellac would peel off after one day, but then I started using a Dehydrator on my nails and the CND primer and voila! The shellac starts to come off after about a …More

shellac french manicure gone bad

I had a french manicure last Feb. before going on vacation to the Dominique Republic. I chose shellac because I knew it would last. The very first day of my vacation my nails discolored with a brown …More


I had the french done - 3 times now. It tends to peel off at day 3 and comes off completely after 8 or 9 days. I've had two different manicurist's do it thinking maybe it was the application. CND is …More

New to the Shellac Procedure and Loving It!

When I got my Shellac manicure, I wasn't sure if it would last very long. The woman sitting next to me said, "It will last MUCH longer." I will probably get my nails done in another week, and this ti…More

Love it!

I am brutal on my nails. I am on a keyboard daily, all day. I don't use gloves for cleaning, washing dishes, gardening, etc. In addition, my nails are prone to breaking (though not cracking or peelin…More

Just like getting your nails painted, but so much more!

This is the second week I've had shellac on my nails and it hasn't chipped anywhere, nor has it lost any shine. I'm very surprised because my nails chip on their own and split, so I figured shellac w…More

This is the best thing for nails ever!

I only leave it on for two weeks at a time because my nails are now so strong and grow so fast. It protects your nails. Gel ruins your nails because they have to be totally filed across the whole nai…More

Great for 6 months but then...

I couldn't wait until the product came out. Had it done and fell in love. Went out and bought the entire system so I can do it at home.Used it for months; sometimes I would go to the nail salon too.…More

Pretty but do some research

One time it just peeled off and didn't even last a week. But she seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting it to dry. Finding the right technician seems to be key. It does last longer and keep the…More

Lasted an entire month

I had a Shellac manicure applied the day before I left for vacation. I had a French manicure done using the Shellac products. My nails looked amazing afterwards. During my vacation I was at the beach…More


Everyone comments on my nails - there are no chips or scruffs and stay shiny. Its something less to worry about - once they are done you can forget about them - scrubbing floors etc is no problem eve…More

To be able to immediately go on with life is a big plus!

Not a great choice in colors at my salon. I guess the polish itself is a lot more expensive. I just love the shine and the overall look of my manicure. This is day #4 but am hoping to be able to go t…More

Better than Acrylic

The ones that are left on day 14 are great but I usually start losing them after 7 days. They seem to lift off partially then I just pull them off. However, since I am getting Shellac after a few yea…More

Love It!

I love it!!! it lasts 10days - 2 weeks! I love it!!! If done right the shellac polish is amazing!!! Around the 10th day it starts to loss its shine, but it depends when on Vaca it lasts the whole 2 w…More

Beautiful all the way to day 14

I went for the shellac french manicure and it is great, it looks lovely, it does last for 2 weeks and I have my hands in and out of chemicals every day, including bleach. The only reason why it wasn…More

Lifting after 5 days

I loved it when it was first applied. As of my 5th day, it is lifting and peeling at the cuticle. I am very dissappointed, as it was not a cheap procedure. I know the base cost was applied as I asked…More

Very Unhappy with Shellac

No it lost it's shine, lifted near the cuticle & chipped.Shelac does not last as long and after six months of using Shellac my nails are a mess.I use to have acrylic nails till I was talked into Shel…More

Professional Advice

I think that Shellac is the best product out on the market. Shellac if applied correctly will not let you down and unlike other products it actually does what it says it will do. I wear nothing else …More

Taking a Break to Let My Nails Heal

the color lasted with no chips for the full two weeks. If your nails are naturally soft and bend the manicure will not last for the full two weeks. It starts to crack, chip and lift. Soft nails seem …More


The first time I got the shellac manicure, it started peeling the next day! 6 out of 10 fingers peeled, went back to the place I receive the manicure and had the whole shellac manicure done again, th…More

DIY Shellac

Depending on what you're doing with your hands I typically get 2-3 weeks per application. It only takes me about 20 minutes total right at my kitchen table. I have even done it for some friends who a…More

My Shellac Review

My shellac manicure doesn't chip - Not on the first day. Not after three weeks. Not even when I open soda cans or remove keys from keychains. I get compliments on my nails ALL the time, no matter whi…More

Shellac Review

I absolutely love the shellac nail system, I do these nails on my own clients and they love it as well. The first time that i did it i thought that it was so cool the 2 minutes that it took for them …More

Well....not really Shellac

Shellac is very durable. Most of my clients easily wear the Shellac product 2-4 weeks. It is very low maintenance and requires little more than cuticle oil during winter months. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…More

My Shellac Polish Review

It chipped within 3 days, came off 100% by the 5th. Unfortunately that means I'm back to using regular nail polish--for half the price it lasts just as long, if not longer. I didn't even WORK most of…More

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