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Reader Stories: Shellac Nail Polish Reviews


Creative Nail Design has created an amazing breakthrough for manicures and pedicures called Shellac Nail Polish. It's a hybrid polish that lasts a full 14 days without chipping! (No kidding!) The colors are gorgeous and the price isn't much more than a typical polish manicure.

If you can apply nail polish you can apply Shellac.

Shellac polish will last three weeks. I have had it last this long as well as my daughters and many friends. But we do it ourselves and we take the proper steps to do it right. If you read up on how …More

Shellac is something I have been waiting for my entire manicure life!

the Shellac Polish is a dream come true. It's super super shiny, and makes your nails sort of stiff, giving the appearance of super strong nails and somewhat even fake! I am on day 7 so far and I can…More

I would never go back to acrylic nails

It was wonderful. My nails felt like they were strong and had a wonderful color. It lasted for at least 3 weeks with out chipping. I work in the car industry and am very rough on my nails and the She…More

My shellac nails lasted 10 days before I saw minimal chipping

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Shellac polish! My nail are extremely soft, weak, and fragile. A manicure barely lasts 2 days for me. My shellac nails lasted 10 days before I saw minimal chipping, and stayed on …More

As long as you're confident in putting on polish it's not difficult.

The polish is amazing. Easy to apply. Easy and quick to remove (don't peel it off without acetone though). The polish leaves an amazing shiny result - far better than normal nail polish. As a "novice…More

I think it's very important to use nail oil

I think it's very important to use nail oil and hand cream very evening and rub well in to the cuticles to keep nails in good condition. Ive used just about every colour my nail technician has and li…More

Now I have the best looking nails I have ever had

I loved the polish. I work in a hospital and i use hand sanitizer a huge amount and i wash my hands alot. I was breaking my nails down past the quick so i got this polish and now i have maybe the bes…More

Damaged nails

I like the polish, but the damage to my nails are terrifying! It's my third time getting a "shellac" mani. The last time I got it removed at the place they used a drill thing and filed down the polis…More


as to chipping the french manicure on my real nails did not chip. However it started staining before the first week was out. Why? I sis not put my hands in dirt or any cleaning products. I use a make…More

Dehydrator is a must!

I used to have the problem that the Shellac would peel off after one day, but then I started using a Dehydrator on my nails and the CND primer and voila! The shellac starts to come off after about a …More

shellac french manicure gone bad

I had a french manicure last Feb. before going on vacation to the Dominique Republic. I chose shellac because I knew it would last. The very first day of my vacation my nails discolored with a brown …More


I had the french done - 3 times now. It tends to peel off at day 3 and comes off completely after 8 or 9 days. I've had two different manicurist's do it thinking maybe it was the application. CND is …More

New to the Shellac Procedure and Loving It!

When I got my Shellac manicure, I wasn't sure if it would last very long. The woman sitting next to me said, "It will last MUCH longer." I will probably get my nails done in another week, and this ti…More

Love it!

I am brutal on my nails. I am on a keyboard daily, all day. I don't use gloves for cleaning, washing dishes, gardening, etc. In addition, my nails are prone to breaking (though not cracking or peelin…More

Just like getting your nails painted, but so much more!

This is the second week I've had shellac on my nails and it hasn't chipped anywhere, nor has it lost any shine. I'm very surprised because my nails chip on their own and split, so I figured shellac w…More

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