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Facial Toner - Is it Necessary?


Question: Facial Toner - Is it Necessary?

Do I need to use a facial toner in my daily skin care regime?


You've asked one of the most debated questions in skin care. Do you need to use a facial toner, or can you skip it?

Personally, I try to never skip a toner in my daily skin care regime. I love the way my skin feels after a toner, and I really can see the difference on the cotton pad after I apply it. But is it necessary? Probably not. I stand on the side that says yes, you should use a toner to encourage healthy skin.

There are many professionals who disagree with me however; stating it really is an unnecessary step in your skin care regime unless you have oily skin or just love using a toner.

Read what experts on both sides of the fence think about toners and make your own conclusion. I think you can see that either way, you've got a professional on your side.

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