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Jergens: Natural Glow Express

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Jergens: Natural Glow Express
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The Bottom Line

Jergens Natural Glow Express is perfect to use before a vacation or day at the beach to get an all over natural tan fast. While you will still experience the self-tanner smell, it's not as strong as the original formula is.


  • You'll get a full shade of color in only three days.
  • Along with great color, you'll get super hydration with the thick, body butter like consistency.
  • Gradual tans means less chance that you'll be full of streaks.


  • 4oz for $7.99 vs. Jergens Original Natural Glow: 7.5 oz for $6.99. Fewer ounces for more money.
  • Unfortunately science hasn't created a great smelling self-tanner, but it's not too overpowering.
  • No option for very pale skin.


  • A thick and creamy three day self-tanning moisturizer.
  • Use as a boost to give a quick tan and then maintain color with the original Jergens Natural Glow.
  • Comes in two color options: Medium and Medium/Tan.
  • 4 ounces for $7.99

Guide Review - Jergens: Natural Glow Express

Basically a booster for Jergens Original Natural Glow, you use Natural Glow Express for up to three days to get a quick tan. Many reviewers with pale skin said that two days is perfect for a natural looking color. Once you have your desired tan, you maintain your color with the original Jergens Natural Glow. Reviews are falling in and they all are commenting on the realistic tan color; no orange skin. Unlike usual self-tanners which always disappoint us with their claim to hydrate while adding color, this product really does what it says. Its thick moisturizing consistency reminds us of body butter and really does leave your skin super soft. Make sure you exfoliate your skin prior to application. Some people prefer to add a base moisturizer to their body before they apply the self-tanner to make application easier.

There are only 4 ounces of product in this container for $7.99 vs. the original formula which has 7.5 ounces for $6.99. However, with a faster forming tan, you will need less product. One thing that very pale complexion reviewers noticed was the lack of a "light" formula, however, when people gave the medium color a try, they thought it was a great natural looking tan.

Scent is always an issue with self-tanners, and unfortunatley I can't see it changing any time soon due to the scent coming from the ingredient that causes the color, DHA. If you apply before bed, making sure you allow yourself time to dry before you crawl under the sheets, by morning, and after a good shower gel, the scent should be very weak.

As someone with fair skin, this is going to be a staple in my cabinet. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to color.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this product!, Member BritnieW

I decided to try to express because I felt like the regular Jergen's daily natural glow was taking too long to reach the results that I wanted. Their website has many wonderful tips and tricks for applying the express lotion and so I followed all of them. I applied the product at night and the next morning I woke up to beautiful glowing skin! I could not believe the results after one use. No streaks what so ever! I am very impressed with the results and will continue to use Jergens Express! You have to make sure you follow the directions and use the tips that are on their website. You can't just slap it on and expect great results. I found one of the best things you can do to achieve a great looking, streak free tan is to EXFOLIATE!!!!

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