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10 Tips for a Green Salon

Green Salon Tips


Whether you're a salon owner, a hairstylist or simply a salon customer, greening a salon is something that can easily be done with a few simple steps. Check out these 10 tips for green salons and start talking about how your salon can incorporate these green salon tips, thus reducing the salon's carbon footprint.

Don't forget, marketing the fact that you're a "Green Salon" is an easy way to bring in new business and impress your current clientele.

1. Green Salons Recycle Used Foils

Green Salons Recycle Used Foils
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If you're like many salons, you're just throwing away your used foils. And again, if you're like most salons, that's a whole lotta tinfoil! Do some research on your county's recycling program. In my county, those foils are recyclable, even though they have been used.

2. Green Salons Serve Drinks in Glasses, Not Paper or Styrofoam

Green Salons Serve Drinks in Glasses, Not Paper
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Do you have a complementary drink assortment for your guests? Even if it is just water, ditch those paper or styrofoam cups and trade them in for the real deal: glass. Sure, you're going to have to wash them, but think about how many cups you throw away each day. If your salon has a dishwasher, load and run them at the end of the day. If you don't have a dishwasher, no excuse.

3. Green Salons Use Washcloths, Not Paper Towels

Green Salons use Washcloths Instead of Paper TOwels
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Imagine how much waste you would save if you had a nice basket of washcloths near the bathroom sink instead of paper towels. Put a cute laundry basket with a lid on to keep the bathroom looking nice and clean. You're already washing tons of towels each day, so what's another load of washcloths? Guests will see your soft washcloths as a step ahead from other salon's scratchy paper towels for sure.

4. Green Salons Recycle

Green Salons Recycle
Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
It sounds like a no-brainer to me, but do you have two baskets for salon employees and guests to throw away their trash? Many things can be recycled, and if a person has the option, nine times out of ten they will throw the recyclables in the right basket. If your county doesn't recycle yet, consider just collecting cans and donating them to an organization to turn in for money.

5. Green Salons have a No Paper Rule

Green Salons have a No Paper Rule
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No mail reminders, no mailing advertisements - no paper! The best thing your salon can do is call, text or email clients about upcoming appointments. And if your salon does a lot of specials, consider making a facebook fan page. It's an easy way to stay in the eye of your customers, and if you have a few cancellations one day, offering those times up on facebook lets someone grab them, quickly!

6. Green Salons Recycle Hair

Green Salons Recycle Hair
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There are a couple of ways you can recycle hair. One is when someone is getting a lot of hair cut off. Programs like Locks of Love accepts hair that is at least 8 to 10 inches long which they will then turn into a wig for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

But, what about all of the rest of the hair? You can donate that, too! All of it! Matter of Trust is a group that takes hair donations from salons and pet salons and uses it to make hair mats, which literally absorb oil from oil spills. (see pictures of the hair mats in action.) Here are the instructions for getting your salon involved.

7. Green Salons use Fair Trade Coffee and Tea

Green Salons use Fair Trade Coffee and Tea
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A super simple step for greening your salon or spa is by using fair trade coffee and tea. Fair trade products come from companies and organizations that pay the farmers a fair wage for their work. This link will give you information on fair trade products and where you can find them.

8. Green Salons Carefully Choose the Product Lines they Carry

Green Salons Carefully Choose the Product Lines they Carry
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Another place a green salon or spa should spend some time on is the collection of products they sell up front. Look for fair trade ingredients, organic ingredients and chemical free ingredients. If you aren't looking to change out your entire product collection, having an area of only green product lines is a good start to reaching out for those who try to only shop green.

9. Green Salons Use Soy Candles and Recycle Them

Green Salons use Soy Candles and Recycle Them
Photodisk/Getty Images
Did you know that soy candles are more earth friendly than paraffin and beeswax candles? Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is from processed soybean oil. They last longer, are cheaper to make than those made from paraffin and beeswax and come from a renewable source. Look for local companies who melt down and recycle your used candles to make it even one-step greener.

10. Green Salons Consider Grown Some of their Own Spa Ingredients

Green Salons Consider Grown Some of their Own Spa Ingredients
Digital Vision/Getty Images
This won't apply to everyone, but if your salon does spa treatments, consider making your own custom body scrubs and blends. And if you decide to go that route, consider growing some of your own ingredients, such as lavender. It will beautify the property and add a luxurious feeling to your salon knowing the treatment product was made that day with some ingredients right from the land.
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