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Tea Tree Oil for Skin - Is It Right For Your Skin?


Tea Tree Oil for Skin: Is it Right For Your Skin?
Tea Tree Benefits for Skin

Tea Tree Benefits for Skin

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Tea tree oil has many benefits for skin, but is it what your skin needs? Come see what tea tree oil can do for your skin.

Where Does Tea Tree Oil Come From?

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of a tea tree, also known as "melaleuca alternifolia" and is native to Australia. Tea tree oil is made by steam distillation of the leaves themselves.

Tea Tree Oil: Then to Now

Tea tree oil was used centuries ago by Australia's aborigines for healing skin issues such as burns and cuts and today is very widely used in the cosmetics industry. From shampoo to moisturizers to spot treatments, tea tree oil lays claim on aiding in curing acne, dandruff, eczema and even fungal skin issues due to its anti-fungal properties. Here is some great information from About.com Guide to Alternative Medicine on studies done to test tea tree oil's ability to tackle these skin issues.

How to Use it

Tea tree oil, found as an essential oil, needs to be diluted before applying to your skin. If not it can lead to minor irritation all the way to blisters. If you're not comfortable with essential oils, we recommend using products made with tea tree oil instead of the essential oil itself. Here are some products to try.

Product Recommendations

  • For Acne: The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Cream - We had visibly noticeable results from this product and it gets 5-star reviews time and time again from users. Easy to use at night and a little goes a long way.
  • For Dandruff: Jason Natural Tea Tree Scalp Normalizing Shampoo - Jason, known for their well-loved natural products has a tea tree shampoo that gets mostly good reviews. The thing to remember is that tea tree has a noticeable earthy scent that is undeniable. It seems some of the negative reviewers just weren't aware of that.
  • For Deodorant: Desert Essence: Deodorant - This deodorant with tea tree and lavender has a fresh scent and gets fairly good reviews from users. The general consensus is that you need to use more than typical for odor protection. But it's natural and aluminum-free which is important for some! Worth trying if that's you!
  • For Nail Fungus: Tea tree oil is recommended by Dr. Weil for toenail fungus. He recommends applying straight to the nail twice a day for up to two months, through treatment might not be completely visible until the nail grows up, taking up to a year.
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