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Homemade Skin Care Recipes - Lime Exfoliation

by Mindy Terry: President and Founder of Creative Spa Concepts


Lime Exfoliation

Written by Mindy Terry, President and Founder of Creative Spa Concepts. (visit site)


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Cut a lime in half. While in the shower, though before your skin is wet, massage the arms, stomach, chest and neck with half of the lime. Use the second half for the remaining part of the body.

Leave on the skin for a few minutes while enjoying the steam and then rinse. Lightly dry the skin and apply your favorite body moisturizer.

Why it's Good For Your Skin

Lime contains enzymes that digest the dead layers of skin, leaving behind a silky smooth finish.

About Mindy Terry - As a spa expert, Terry has appeared on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS and has been quoted in leading publications including HOTELS, Cosmopolitan and SmartMoney. In addition to leading Creative Spa Concepts, Terry is also a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, yoga instructor, make-up artist and certified infant massage instructor.

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