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Skin Care Q&A - How Often Should I Exfoliate and Use a Mask?


Skin Care Q&A - How Often Should I Exfoliate and Use a Mask?
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Question: Skin Care Q&A - How Often Should I Exfoliate and Use a Mask?

I am a 32 year old black woman with normal to oily skin with makeup only. I do experience a few breakouts from time to time. I wear foundation everyday and cleanse and moisturize my skin 2 times a day.

I would like to know how often should I masque and exfoliate my face? Also, how often should I get a facial and what type?


First, what you're doing currently is great, but does your moisturizer have SPF in it? If it doesn't, add that to your daily regimen. As for using a mask and exfoliator, I recommend exfoliating 2 times a week, and then using a weekly mask. The exfoliating is important, as you're getting the dead layer of skin off, letting healthy fresh skin shine.

There are many different kind of masks, and some are to be applied daily, and some 2 to 3 times per week, so check the back of your tube and see what it says. Make sure you leave a day between your exfoliator and masks to give your skin a break.

As for facials, typically I let the technician decide what facial my skin needs. I don't like to pick one when making the appointment, as he or she might think my skin needs something completely different. Because they are all typically 45 minutes or so, it doesn't really matter when making the appointment. Just tell them you'd like to consult with your technician to decide on a facial together.

Just remember, verify what's actually included, and what you'll be paying extra for. I'd recommend a facial once a month, but see what they say when they actually look at your skin.

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