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AHAs - What Are AHAs and Should I Use Them In My Skin Care Regime


Clarins: Bright Plus HP Brightening Peel

Clarins: Bright Plus HP Brightening Peel

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Question: AHAs - What Are AHAs and Should I Use Them In My Skin Care Regime
I read online that AHA's are a better alternative than a regular face scrub, but I'm not really sure I know what AHAs really are? Are they for everyone?

AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are becoming quite common in beauty products. If you've heard of a chemical peel, you've heard of AHAs.

They are certainly not new to skin care, but it wasn't until fairly recently that they became so widely available in over the counter beauty products. What AHAs are actually molecules found in fruit and milk. Your regular facial scrub exfoliates your skin manually by little particles you can feel with your fingers. This is a widely common way to exfoliate your skin, but many people like the ease and the uniformed exfoliation that comes with using AHAs. You are unable to feel any exfoliating bits, but you will definitely notice your softer smoother skin after use. Another added benefit of using AHAs is that they are known in helping with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lightening darken spots on your skin, such as sun spots and freckles.

Another thing to remember when you are using AHAs is that your sensitivity to sun is greatly increased. Not only for the day you used the product, but for up to a week after you use it. So of course, using sunscreen is very important when using AHAs, but reapplying during the day is just as important.

Today, you can find AHAs in everything from cleansers to moisturizers, and of course exfoliators. I'd recommend finding a moisturizer or exfoliator with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to reap the most benefits. Men do great with AHAs in their moisturizers to help fight against ingrown hairs from shaving. I have been using Clarins: Bright Plus HP Brightening Peel with great results (read my review) (buy direct)

People with sensitive skin need to be especially careful when using Alpha Hydroxy Acids, as their skin could possibly react in a negative way

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