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Can I Get a Tan if I Wear Sunscreen?

Striving for Sun Safety and a Tan


Can I Get a Tan if I Wear Sunscreen?
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I really want to wear sunscreen to protect my skin, but summer is my favorite season, and I love how I look when I have a tan. The fake tans never look the same to me.

Good question! You'll be happy to know that your skin can and will get a tan, even when using sunscreen. You just need to find an SPF level that works for your skin.

If you don't burn easily, you can feel free to use a lower SPF level, but no lower than 20. And reapply every 2 hours, no matter what. (Earlier if you're swimming or sweating.) And definitely look for the words, "Broad Band" or UVA/UVB protection, which not only blocks the rays that burn, they'll block the rays that cause cancer and aging signs.

Using sunscreen won't leave your skin ghost-white, it will simply protect it and block the rays that are harmful to your skin.

Everyone enjoys the fact that summer gives your skin healthy glow, and it does look nice, but who wants sunburn, skin cancer, sun spots or wrinkles?

Wear sunscreen!

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