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Making Your Way through Skin Care Ingredients

5 Common Skin Care Ingredients


You see skin care companies proudly advertising the skin care ingredients that are in their products. They’re listed on the packages and bottles, and they do seem impressive, don’t they? Vitamins, oils, even fruit and vegetables are all over the shelves these days promising you everything from younger looking skin to acne free skin. You know these skin care ingredients are good for skin, but what exactly do they do and how do you know if they are right for your skin?

Here are five ingredients that you may see on a regular basis and what skin type they are best for.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E products are right for you if you are looking to protect your skin against premature aging. Vitamin E is jam-packed with nutrients which help combat free radical damage such as pollution, sun damage and smoke. When you use Vitamin E products, you help fight signs of aging caused by these triggers. Usually marketed as a great option for normal skin, everyone can benefit by using Vitamin E products.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C products are right for you if you’re looking for added radiance and brighter looking skin. Like Vitamin E, Vitamin C protects your skin against free radical damage, but it goes one step further. With continued use, skin will look more radiant due to the added benefit of skin brightening. This is usually best suited for normal to dry skin.


Aloe products are for you if you have sensitive skin. Aloe products are soothing and calming which makes them perfect for people with rosacea or for those who experience red skin. Many people who break out with skin care products find gentle aloe is perfect for them. Aloe is also great for teenagers as an introduction to skin care.


Seaweed products are right for you if you have combination skin. Perhaps you have oily areas or breakouts in certain spots, but you don’t really have oily skin all over. Seaweed contains many minerals and vitamins found right in the ocean. These are perfect for cleansing and encouraging healthy clear skin without the drying effects of tea tree oil.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Fairly new on the market, shiitake mushroom products are for you if you’re looking for an anti-aging product line. Shiitake mushrooms help promote younger looking skin by encouraging faster skin cell renewal as well as providing anti-oxidants to protect your skin. This type of product brings the skin cells up to the surface faster as well as protects your skin against future aging by blocking skin aging proteins.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil products are right for you if you have oily skin. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is perfect to combat blemishes and oily skin. Not only will your current blemishes clear up, with continued use, you’ll see less and less acne. This is specifically for oily skin and will be too harsh on dry skin.

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