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3 High-End Skin Care Lines We'd Recommend

High-End Skin Care We'd Recommend to Our Best Friends


When it comes to splurging on a high-end skin care line, how do you know if the money you're spending is worth the product you are getting?

If you pick one of these three lines, you can know that we've personally used them and personally recommend them to you. If we come across another line along the way, we'll add it to the list!

1. Skin Authority - Even Recommended it to My Mom

Image provided by Skin Authority

Skin Authority is one of my favorite high-end skin care lines. There are a few products that I've tried and loved, one being their GO Gorgeous kit and the other being their Wrinkle Reversing SGF-4 line. This line is perfect for those looking to plump up lines and wrinkles. Celeste Hilling answered some questions we had about SGF-4 and the amazing science behind the product.

Skin Authority uses high-tech science to make their products absolutely worth the money. Add in the fact that you can call or chat online to a licensed skin specialist to guarantee you're getting the right product for your skin gets high marks on my end.

2. ZO Skin Health - Gives a "One-Two" Punch

Image courtesy PriceGrabber

About.com's Guide to Makeup, Faith Lawless, reviewed 4 products from ZO Skin Health. Each product got a 5-star rating, along with more than a dozen 5-star reviews coming in from readers. (Read the Reviews)

The founder of ZO Skin Health (and Obagi NuDerm), Zein Obagi, took some time to answer a few skin care questions for us, and his knowledge on skin care and anti-aging is amazing. (Read Interview)

We would, without a doubt, recommend ZO Skin Health.

3. YBF Skin Care - Eye Cream of All Eye Creams

Image provided by YBF

This small company is growing in a big way, and will continue to grow when word spreads about their fantastic products, especially their eye cream: Correct. Every review that comes in seems to give Correct a glowing, positive review. And this is another line that has the science behind their products to prove they work.

I've talked with co-founder Darell multiple times and had a chance to meet co-founder, Kimberley, in person. They're pumped about their products, and you can often find them chatting in response to blogger's posts. It's great having a high-tech product line with a small business personality.

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