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REM: Spring Sprong Hair Remover

REM: Spring Sprong Hair Remover

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REM: Spring Sprong

REM: Spring Sprong

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REM: Spring Sprong Hair Remover is a hand held spring-shaped tool that grabs those pesky facial hairs, pulling them out by the root. No wax, no cream, no preparation, just the simple tool.

REM: Spring Sprong - Description

The REM: Spring Sprong hair remover is a small, light-weight, portable tool for women that effectively removes the hair on your face without the aid of any other cream, wax or product.

REM: Spring Sprong - How Does it Work?

I purchased this product myself and when looking into it, I found other options that cost less than this one did, but this one seemed to get the best reviews and seemed to be the one best manufactured, so I went for it. When it arrived, I was surprised at just how small and unimpressive it was. It simply looked like a spring with little handles.

According to the directions, you are to bend the tool into an upside down U and rub it on your face, twisting the handles. (Watch the cheesy video on REM's website to get a better view.)

I bought mine off of Amazon and didn't know about the video before I tried the Spring Sprong, so I was doing it all wrong. I thought that I was supposed to take the upside down U and twist it into a right side up U. It worked a bit that way, but it wasn't even and it didn't feel right.

There are more than 200 reviews on Amazon and I read a bunch of them. One reviewer said to "...bend it and twirl back and forth - both fingers in, both fingers out fast as you can, pushing the device firmly against your skin, against the hair follicle." Another said to "twirl the right hand fingers clockwise and the left hand fingers counter-clockwise. If you twirl them the opposite way, no hairs get grabbed."


Completely confusing! I realized what I needed to do is just play with the Spring Sprong - experiment a bit. Once I took the pressure off of doing it the right way, it was, dare I say, fun!

REM: Spring Sprong - Review

Things We Loved:

  • No Wax: I know there are many options when it comes to facial hair removal. I am a waxer. (I was an electrolysis-er, but it was much too painful. I go by electrolysis quitter these days.) And while I can wax my brows with limited pain, my upper lip is so painful to wax. And then it turns red and gets inflamed and is just such a hassle. With this, there is no tugging, no wax, no product, just a spin and pull out. So much better. (waxing tips from a pro.)
  • No Redness: And when you're done, there's hardly any redness. I did have some redness for a little while, but it went away very quickly.
  • No Breakouts: Again, with waxing, it's common to have small breakouts after your waxing treatment. I did not have any breakouts with this tool.
  • Portable: The Spring Sprong comes in a little black pouch and you can take it with you anywhere.

What About the Pain?:

  • Did it Hurt? Of course it did. You're pulling hair from the root. That's not pain-free. Reviewers say that the pain diminishes, but I'll be honest and say I doubt that is truthful. You may get used to the pain, but I do not think it goes away, ever. If you have tweezed out an individual hair, you know that it hurt. This does, too. What's the old saying, "No pain, no gain"? (I don't really believe that, but this does hurt. But so does tweezing and that is simply one hair at a time. This goes so much faster.)

REM: Spring Sprong - Final Thoughts

I'm so glad I bought the Spring Sprong. I'm not a fan of the pain of facial hair removal, but I've been cursed with having to deal with it. Waxing for me is no fun. I do love that it is a quick pull for an abundance of pesky little hairs, but it really does take my skin almost a full day to get rid of the redness and inflammation. This little tool is quick, effective and after the initial learning curve, pretty easy to use.

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