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Vaniqa: Information and Review



Basic Vaniqa Information

How does it Work?

Vaniqa is a treatment for women with unwanted facial hair. Though it is a cream, it is not a hair removal cream like a depilatory cream such as the well-known product Nair. Vaniqa works by blocking the enzyme your body needs to produce hair. Thus, over time, and with continued use, the hair will not grow.

Where Can You Buy Vaniqa?

Vaniqu is a prescription-only medication that only a doctor can prescribe for you. The reason being is that excessive facial hair could be caused by a medical condition and even though Vaniqa might help eliminate your facial hair, if you have a medical condition, that should be treated alongside or instead of simply treating the facial hair. Once you have a prescription, you can fill it at any pharmacy.

I Have Fair Skin; Will This Work for Me?

If you have fair skin or dark skin or hair with little to no pigment, you might be concerned that this is another carrot dangling in front of you, like laser hair removal, where it seems you have to have the perfect skin coloring and perfect hair pigmentation to even try. Vaniqa can be used with any skin tone and any ethnicity. Note, if you're doing laser treatments, it has been shown to help increase the success rates of laser hair removal if you are doing both at the same time.

Does it Really Work?

Vaniqa is not an overnight treatment product. Results aren't typically seen for 8 weeks or more. This is because hair grows in cycles and you are treating the hair that is not yet growing, not the hair that is currently on your face. This is not a cream to remove the hair that is already there, so the hair that is currently on your face will have to be removed via your typical hair removal options such as waxing, tweezing or threading.

According to the studies that Vaniqa released, success rates were as follows: After 24 weeks of Vaniqa use, 5% were almost hair free, 27% had a marked improvement, 26% had some improvement and 42% had no improvement/worse/missing. You can see the exact paper that comes with the prescription at Vaniqa's site.

How Long Do I have to use it?

Vaniqa is an ongoing treatment product. It works as long as you use it. Their trials showed that after 8 weeks off of the product, the facial hair returned to the previous condition.

Are There Side Effects?

Mild side effects have been shown in a small percentage of people. These effects include acne, tingling, burning and redness. But according to the makers of Vaniqa, in the study stated above, only 2% of people stopped using Vaniqu because of the side effects.

Can Men Use It?

Vaniqa is only for women and only for facial hair. Do not use this product anywhere other than the areas it has been deemed safe to use.

Is it Expensive?

Yes. While your insurance may help, it may also not be covered. We paid $126 for a 30 gram tube.

Note from Me

If you have been around for any time at all, you'll know that I have been cursed with unwanted facial hair. I gave electrolysis a go a couple of years ago, but the pain was just too much for me. I am a redhead with very fair skin and hair with not much pigment, so laser hair removal was never an option. I have very sensitive skin and waxing my upper lip is just so intense with pain that I would give anything to not have to do it again. And by anything, I mean paying $100 for a month + of treatment. Forever. Here is my first Vaniqa review and my second review. I will keep writing reviews as the time goes on. But if you have used or are using Vaniqa, please share your review with others.

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