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Zirh Platinum: Age Defense

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Zirh Platinum: Age Defense

Zirh Platinum: Age Defense

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The Bottom Line

Guys, this anti-aging business isn't only about women. Here's a product that will help ward off free radicals, which are one of the main causes of aging signs. It also moisturizes and evens your skin tone.

But be aware, Zirh's Platinum protection doesn't come cheap! 1.7 ounces retails for $125.


  • Fragrance free
  • Thick luxurious cream
  • Leaves skin protected against free radicals


  • No SPF
  • Cost - $125 for 1.7 ounces


  • Zirh Platinum is a branch off of Zirh. It is marketed as "the most luxurious and superior skincare range available to men."
  • 1.7 ounces sells for $125
  • This moisturizer is meant for those with normal to dry skin.
  • Zirh Platinum is available only through Zirh.com

Guide Review - Zirh Platinum: Age Defense

Welcome to the world of luxe men's skin care. Zirh, one of the best known men's skin care companies has upped their game by adding a new line of luxurious men's products called Zirh Platinum. (buy direct) Zirh Platinum is a line of eight products that not only help you fight the ticking of the clock, but also take fantastic care of your skin.

I was extremely interested in Zirh Platinum's Age Defense because it the focused goal of fighting off free radicals. Most men that I know want to keep their skin from early signs of aging, but they know nothing of free radicals or what they do. This simple cream is a major step in keeping the main skin aging aggressors off your skin.

Age Defense comes in a small black tub that is perfect for men who travel regularly, as it's under the 3 ounces allowed on an airplane. There is almost no scent at all, and what little scent you smell in the jar disappears as soon as it is soaked into your skin.

What I loved about Age Defense is how thick and hydrating it felt going on. If you have dry to normal skin, your face will drink in the moisture and shortly there after, you will have no residue at all. That's when you know that you've put on your anti-aging shield for the day.

You'll find not only typical antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, but also natural ingredients such as watermelon fruit extract, thyme flower extract and wheat germ extract.

Put this on after you shave and wash your face in the morning. Because of it's ability to protect against free radicals, I'd use a different moisturizer in the evening, when you're not worrying about free radicals. If Age Defense had SPF protection in it, it would have one extra age-defying ingredient; don't forget your daily dose of SPF.

$125 is a lot of money for a skin care product, but if you're game, it's a luxe skin care product that you'll enjoy.

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