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Skin Care for Men

Learn how to figure out what skincare products are best for your skin as well as body moisturizers that don't smell like you borrowed them from your girlfriend.

Razor Bumps: Tips and Product Recommendations
Think shaving bumps are just part of life? Think again! There are things you can do to minimize your risk of getting shaving bumps. Here are some shaving tips and product recommendations to help you.

Men's Skin Care, Exposed - Caring for Your Biggest Organ
Men, it's time to start taking care of your skin in a way that your skin needs. Men's skin is different from women's skin in many ways. Come see our tips for men's skin care and read what we learned along the way. We've intervied some of the top product line founders and doctors for their advice on men's skin care

Redken Tips and Product Picks for Men
Raymond Nadeau spoke with Jenny Balding, a Redken spokesperson, all about their Redken for Men line. Is it for all men? What about men of color? Does it have SPF to protect the scalp? Find out here.

Tips from Anthony Logistics Founder, Anthony Sosnick
Anthony Sosnick, founder of Anthony Logistics, shares some of his best tips, advice and product picks with us for men's skin care.

Skin Care Tips for Men from Raymond Nadeau
Fashion guru, author and journalist Raymond Nadeau shares his top skin care tops and advice for men.

Every Man Jack: Pre-Shave Face Scrub
Product review of Every Man Jack: Pre-Shave Face Scrub.

Every Man Jack: Post-Shave Face Lotion
Product review of Every Man Jack: Post-Shave Face Lotion.

Every Man Jack: Shave Cream
Product review of Every Man Jack: Shave Cream.

Review of Lubriderm: Men's 3-in-1 Lotion
Lubriderm: Men's 3-in-1 Lotion is a lotion men can use on their hands, face and body. Perfect for the guy who is either on the go or new to taking care of his skin.

Avoid Shaving Bumps
We all want a smooth shave, so how come your face winds up full of shaving bumps after you shave? Find out what you're doing wrong so you can stop the shaving bump cycle for good.

Alford & Hoff: An Overview
If you're a man looking for a bit of luxury in your skin care products, look no further than Alford and Hoff Skin Care for Men

Zirh Skin Care Reviews
Check out our growing list of Zirh Skin Care Reviews.

Review of Zirh: Warrior Shower Gels and Zirh: Cocktail Bars
Review of Zirh: Warrior Shower Gels and Zirh: Cocktail Bars

Can I Use My Wife's Skin Care Products
Reader Question - Can I use my wife's skin care products? See what I think.

7 Holiday Gifts for Guys
Don't get your man another wallet or scarf, this year get him a gift he'll actually use! Read our top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Guys on your list.

Zirh Platinum: Age Defense
A review of Zirh Platinum: Age Defense.

BABOR MEN - An Overview of the New BABOR MEN Skin Care Line
The new BABOR MEN skin care line is targeted to successful business men who hop from meeting to meeting, airplane to the office.

Zirh: Skin Care Regime for Men
If the idea of picking out a skin care regime overwhelms you, don't stress any more. I've picked out the basic items you need to get started from one of the best men's skin care lines.

Excess Sweating - Hyperhidrosis
Find out what you can do about about excess sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

Bald Men - Don't Forget to Take Care of Your Head
Whether you naturally lost your hair or you've chosen to shave it, don't forget to properly take care of your bald head.

5 Father's Day Gifts
When the dad that you're shopping for has more than enough ties, grill tools and electronic gadgets, give him a gift that he'll be sure to use: the perfect shave kit.

2 Must-have Men's Skin Care Products You Can Pick Up at the Drug Store
Just because you are a man doesn't give you an excuse to pass on taking care of your face. What are the two men's skin care products you can easily find at the drugstore, and why should you be using them?

5 Simple Changes - It's Time to Reassess Men's Skin Care
Men, with five simple changes, your skin will look and feel better than it ever has. Let's reassess men's skin care.

Hand Creams For Men with Dry Hands
Many men with dry hands are looking for a hand cream that doesn't smell like a garden. Check out some of our favorite lotions for men.

Top 7 Face Moisturizers for Men with SPF
Daniel Billett, About.com's Guide to Men's Fashion has highlighted 7 of the best face moisturizers for men with SPF.

Men's Skin Care - Solutions to Common Men's Skin Care Problems
Daniel Billett, About.com's Guide to Men's Fashion helps you take care of some of the most common skin care problems Men have.

Shaving - 7 Tips for Getting the Best Shaving Results
Get seven tips for getting the best shaving results from Daniel Billett.

Every Man Jack: Shave Cream
Product review of Every Man Jack: Shave Cream.

Interview with Dr. Alexis: Director of the Skin of Color Center
As we're looking at skin care for me, we break it down further by look at skin care for men of color. Dr. Andrew Alexis, director of the Skin of Color Center in

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