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Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray

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Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray

Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray

Image provided by Epicuren Baby

The Bottom Line

There is no better diaper rash cream than Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray, in my opinion. This all but eliminates the need to rub cream on sensitive tushes, at least after a few uses. The all-natural ingredients are safe and soothing for your baby. And surprisingly, at $14.50, it's priced affordable for many.


  • Wipes off skin easily. (This includes parents hands after application.)
  • Very subtle scent.
  • Spray application makes it easier to apply.
  • All natural ingredients.


  • First few uses, you need to spread with your hands. Later, it sprays more evenly.


  • An all-natural diaper rash cream that contains 25% zinc oxide to soothe baby's sensitive areas.
  • Product comes in a handy spray bottle, which makes application easy and mess-free.
  • 2.4 ounces retails for $14.50.

Guide Review - Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray

You may remember me mentioning my expert-mom friend Lori. As a mom of 4, she knows her baby products better than most. With a sweet baby girl in the house, she was an ideal candidate to give her thoughts on Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray.

Lori thinks this spray is wonderful, to say the least. She loves that it wipes off so easily. She said, "Most times when I open the diaper you can see it has absorbed into her skin in most parts and just one little wipe and the rest is off." She made sure to let me know that the same goes if you use your fingers to spread it; it washes off much easier than other diaper creams.

Lori also loves the subtle scent Epicuren Baby Diaper Spray has. She said, "With other diaper creams, the smell is so strong that you can't tell if your baby has a dirty diaper or if it is the cream. That doesn't happen with this spray."

Lori did point out that in the beginning, you still had to spread the cream around with your fingers, but after using the spray a few times, the product came out in a nice mist, and spreading it wasn't an issue.

All of the Epicuren Baby products are all-natural, made with certified organic ingredients and chemical free. The line includes the diaper spray, daily lotion and daily wash. Epicuren Baby partnered with Anne Geddes for the beautiful images on the products.

Celebrities are scooping up Epicuren Baby line for the babies in their lives. Fan of the line include Marisol Nichols, Teri Pelo, Steven Baldwin, AnnaLynne McCord and Madeline Zima.

You can find more information about Epicuren Baby and their products at Episencial.com.

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