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What is Baby Oil?


What is Baby Oil?
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Question: What is Baby Oil?
Some people claim baby oil is the best body moisturizer out there and others claim it's a dangerous product that you should steer clear from. But it's used on babies! How could it be bad? And does it really moisturize as good as or better than thick body creams?
Answer: The most popular baby oil is probably Johnson and Johnson's Baby Oil. (compare prices) It's in every drugstore in the baby care products section and you've probably seen it a million times.

What are the Ingredients? Mineral Oil and Fragrance.

Is Mineral Oil Bad for My Skin? Despite what you might read, mineral oil is safe for your skin. Skin care expert, known as The Cosmetics Cop, Paula Begoun, is a fan of Mineral Oil and scoffs at people who scorn it. "This recurring, foolish, misinformation about mineral oil and petrolatum is maddening. After all, crude oil is as natural as any other earth-derived substance. Moreover, lots of ingredients are derived from awful-sounding sources, but are nevertheless benign and totally safe." (read more of her thoughts on Mineral Oil)

Mineral oil is regulated by the FDA and is highly refined and purified - completely safe to use on your skin. In fact, it is known as one of the best moisturizers you can use.

Why the Bad Rep? If you do a little Google search, you'll find horror stories and scary information about mineral oil in page after page. False claims that mineral oil clogs pores (it doesn't, but should be avoided if you have overly oily skin), causes premature aging and even causes cancer. False, false, false. Don't believe us? Check out this two-part series on Mineral Oil from The Beauty Brains. (Here are some more myths you might be falling for.)

What about Vaseline? We talked with Dermatologist Helen Torok, Medical Director at Trillium Creek Dermatology, and she was happy to respond with her thoughts on petrolatum. In short - she routinely recommends her patients use it whenever they have skin irritations. Here are some more of her thoughts on petrolatum. (aka: Vaseline)

What Consumers are Saying About Baby Oil: If you do a little digging at online reviews of baby oil, you'll find they are very high. At Makeupalley.com, it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars and 94% of people would purchase again.

Bottom Line: Baby Oil (Mineral Oil) is safe, effective, reasonably priced and something that is recommended by skin care professionals on a regular basis. Apply to damp skin after your shower or bath to seal in the moisture. Great for dry skin.

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