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Skin Care - Babies and Children

Read all about baby body washes, lotions, shampoos and all other skincare for children.

What is Baby Oil?
You've heard people either recommend using (or avoiding) baby oil, but you might be wondering, what's actually in baby oil? Come see what ingredients are in baby oil and see if we recommend using it.

How Do You Shave?
If you're gearing up for your first shave, you might be wondering how exactly you should do it? How do you shave and what should you know? We'll help you shave the proper way.

Tweens and Acne Products - Are they Necessary?
If your tween is starting to break out in slight acne, don't rush to get a acne line for them. Here are some tips and things to remember when it comes to skin care at this age.

5 Sun-Safety Tips for Parents and Kids
Looking for ways to be sure your child is protected from the sun? Here are 5 easy tips for you to keep your child safe.

Sun Safety Tips for Pre-Teens and Teens
Around age 10, parents lose the ability to consistently apply and reapply a child's sunscreen. With increased freedom comes longer lengths of time they are away from mom and dad. It's so important that children learn sun safety facts. One blistering sunburn drastically increases skin cancer rates.

16 Prom Tips for Perfect Skin
Looking great on prom night takes a bit of effort in the days and weeks before prom. Here we share our favority prom tips for beautiful skin as well as a list of prom night must-haves.

California Baby: Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash & Calming Diap…
Product reviews of California Baby: Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash and California Baby: Calming Diaper Rash Cream.

Cradle Cap - What did you do to get rid of your baby's cradle cap?
If you are looking for tips to get rid of your baby's cradle cap, or perhaps you successfully treated your baby's cradle cap, read and share reader tips and advice.

Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray
Looking for a Diaper Rash product? Read our review of Epicuren Baby: Diaper Spray.

Earth Mama Angel Baby: Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
Review of Earth Mama Angel Baby: Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Skin Care Tips for Tweens - How to Wash Your Face
If you're a parent looking for skin care tips for your tween, or you're a tween yourself looking for skin care advice, I'll teach you how wash your face in a way that is safe and effective, as well as appropriate for your age.

Belli Motherhood: Eye Brightening Cream
Review of Belli Motherhood: Eye Brightening Cream

What Products Are Safe For My Baby?
Baby Skin Care Q&A - What baby skin care products have safe ingredients in them that are safe for my baby.

Belli Baby Skin Care
New parents take extra strides to pamper and protect their little ones, and that includes buying safe skin care products. I'm excited to introduce you to Belli Baby.

Give a Safe Baby Bath
After your baby's umbilical cord falls out, you're free to start giving him a real baby bath. Make sure you play it safe and follow these suggestions.

Does my Baby Need Baby Lotion?
Is it safe to put lotion on my baby? Does my baby need baby lotion?

It's Bath Time; Let's Have Bath Fun - 8 Adorable Kids Bath Toys
Do your kids run and hide when it's bath time? Would they rather run back into the sand box than admit it's their bath night? Check out these adorable bath toys and turn bath time into bath fun.

Baby Acne - What to do About Baby Acne
Your beautiful newborn's face is suddenly full of baby acne. Here's what you need to know about baby acne.

Cradle Cap - How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap
Do you think your baby has cradle cap? Find out what you can do to get rid of cradle cap.

How Safe is Your Baby's Skin Care Products - What's Inside the Bottle?
Do you ever get concerned when you see the list of ingredients on the back of your baby's skin care products? How safe are they anyway?

Great Baby Skin Care Products
Before you grab your next bottle of baby wash at the store, check out these baby skin care brands you may not have heard of before.

Understanding Sunscreens and SPF
Sun safety is very important during childhood. Learn the basic principles of keeping children safe from sun damage with SPF sunscreens.

5 Top Diaper Creams for Baby
Most babies end up with a diaper rash at least once before their diaper days are through. These diaper creams are some of the best available today.

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