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Best 5 Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin

What Anti Aging Steps are You Missing?


We all want to look younger than we actually are, and many of us think we're doing all we can to fight the clock. What if we told you you were probably missing some pretty important steps? Read our anti aging tips for your skin and see if you really are doing everything you can to look your youngest.

1. Your Jawbone is Not the Finish Line

Stockbyte/Getty Images
Stockbyte/Getty Images

Do you pay careful attention in doing the right anti aging steps for your face? You apply the right cleansers, moisturizers, serums and masks and do as so many do - stop abruptly at your jaw bone. You're not alone!

Stop looking at the jawbone as your finish line. Bring those facial products, serums, moisturizers and anti aging products down your neck, because the neck is one of the easiest ways to see someone's real age.

Sure, it will cost a little bit more in product costs, but you'll be so glad when it prolongs the dreaded turkey neck!

2. Crape Paper Chest, Anyone?

Stockbyte/Getty Images
Stockbyte/Getty Images

We all know someone with a thin, crape paper look to their chest and many times you'll see an array of sun spots, too. So often, we forget to moisturize and protect our chest, which is often exposed to the sun because of low-neck and v-neck clothing. The constant abuse from the sun often times causes sun spots, or hyper pigmentation of the skin - a tell tale sign of aging.

Be sure to apply sunscreen, or just use your facial moisturizer with SPF, all the way down past your neck though your chest each morning and reapply during the day as necessary.

3. Keep Hands Looking Young

Photodisk/Getty Images
Photodisk/Getty Images

Our hands take the biggest beating of them all. The situations we put our hands in is staggering. From one extreme to another our hands get beat up. We put them in steaming hot dishwater and freezing winter weather and use chemicals galore, many times without gloves.

99% of the time, you probably forget to put sunscreen on your hands. (Sun spots anyone?) And how many times in the winter are your hands so dry they actually crack?

Yep, our hands take a huge beating! So pamper them. Moisturize them, sunscreen them, protect them with gloves. There are many things you can easily do to slow down the aging in your hands. In fact, we have a whole article solely on anti aging tips for your hands. 5 Steps for Younger Looking Hands

4. Keep Teeth at Their Whitest

Photodisk/Getty Images
Photodisc/Getty Images

Want to take a decade off your appearance? Whiten that smile! Coffee, tea, wine; they all cause your teeth to stain, but most of us just won't give them up. But luckily for us, there are tons of whitening products to choose from.

From in-office super quick (and super expensive!) whitening treatments to the good ol' whitening strips you buy at the drugstore, there is simply no excuse for a yellow smile. Make sure your toothpaste has whitening qualities to it, too!

Quick Tip: After you whiten your teeth, add a glam red lipstick for and even whiter looking smile.

5. Plump Up Your Pucker

Stockbyte/Getty Images
Stockbyte/Getty Images

Dry, scaly lips = aged lips. Especially when you're in your 40's and beyond and you've lost some of the volume in your lips. Don't let your lips get dry and scaly, plump them up!

You don't even need to use a lip plumper if you're not a fan of the painful lip abuse that most of them give you. A simple good hydrating lip balm will give your lips a dose of hydration while giving them a nice shine and youthful appearance.

Of course, you should look for one with SPF protection to keep the sun from aging your lips even more!

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