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Interview with Tova of Beauty by Tova

Tova's Signature Scents




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If you've ever watched QVC, chances are good you've seen or heard about TOVA fragrances. (visit site) Tova's signature scent is its 25th anniversary, and she has just launched her newest scent, AMBRE D'ORO. Tova answers a few questions for us about perfume, fragrance and how to get the most out of our scent.

Can you explain a bit about the different notes in a fragrance, and how they play out throughout the day? We're often told the "notes", but many of us don't know exactly what that means. The world of perfumery is often viewed as one of intrigue and awe. The perfumer plays the role of master craftsmen, blending and mixing essential oils to an art form of incomparable skill and creativity. For those not directly privy to this amazing craft, it is an aspect of a product that is rarely understood but always admired.

Once I have decided what it is I want my fragrance to say about me and how I hope it will make you feel when you wear it, the perfumers began to create their magic. To be able to communicate with evaluators and perfumers, I needed to understand the "language" of fragrance. They in turn interpret my feelings and emotions.

For example, it helps to think of a fragrance as a triangle, divided from top to bottom in three sections. The first is called the Top Note, which provides the initial burst or first impression of the fragrance as soon as you apply it. Next is the Mid Note, which is the heart of the fragrance and represents its truest character. And finally at the bottom is the Base Note, which is the background of the fragrance which is what gives it its lasting impression.

I've heard that rubbing your wrists together after you've applied your perfume can actually crush some of the notes. Is that true? Where do you recommend we apply our fragrance? I have been intimately involved in the creation of each of my fragrances. After many years of testing I find the best way to apply your fragrance is after your bath or shower using the same fragrance body lotion. Ideally, you should use the same fragrance body wash, lotion, soufflé or body butter when you are using your signature scent it all depends on the occasion.

If applying to your wrists, the most commonly applied area, NEVER rub your wrists together after applying. This is the first thing people do but it actually breaks up the fragrance when the wrists are rubbed together.

The best way to make your perfume last after applying to your wrists is to either to let them air dry way waving them gently in the air, I call it the “queen wave”!

If using ancillary fragrance products after re-hydrating your skin (with your body lotion, etc) take your Eau Du Parfum and spray it in front of you and walk through it. This way you signature scent will stay with you all day and into the night - your skin will thank you for it.

When we look at fragrances, we see: EDT's, Perfume Oil's and Body Sprays or mists. Why would we want to pick one over the other? The differences between EDP, EDT, Perfume Oil and Body Mists are in the percentage of actual essential oil used. The highest being a Perfume.

To be considered a Perfume, the concentration must be over 25%. To qualify for an Eau de Perfume (EDP) it must be over 15% essential oil. Eau de Toilette should be over 8% and body mists are usually lower.

Once you have chosen your fragrance, having the EDP (Eau de Perfume) is the best way to have the perfume last most of the day and using a body mist after showering is a luscious way to begin your day.

Tell us about your latest fragrance, AMBRE D'ORO. What type of woman was it created for? AMBRE D'ORO is a complete departure from my existing fragrances. This multi faceted scent is full of life - a modern, musky floral that uses notes native to Italy. The captivating scent of Sicilian Lemon engages the sensual Peony Peregrina accord into a Romantic interlude with Asiatic Lily and Plum Blossom.

To me, this is one of our crowning achievements in the TOVA fragrance family. An irresistible heart of seductive Italian jasmine, mimosa, Florentine iris and wild gladiola conjures up a heightened awareness that arouses the senses to a climatic ending, captured by Heliotrope, opulent Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Amber Musk.

AMBRE D'ORO is for the woman that is passionate about life and romance. The soft warmth of AMBRE D'ORO is sexy yet sophisticated. It is a perfume that is timeless and at the same time classic, you will always feel flirtatious.

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