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Vaseline - Interview With Vaseline's Greg Nole on Dry Skin and Dry Hands



Greg Nole: Senior Claims Manager, Research & Development: Vaseline

Greg Nole: Senior Claims Manager, Research & Development: Vaseline

Image provided by Vaseline

One of my favorite Vaseline products is Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion. What is it about Cocoa Butter that makes it so popular in skin care lines?

People love Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion (compare prices) because it helps make their skin literally glow. Cocoa butter itself is naturally rich in vegetable waxes and fats, which are great for skin because they help to smooth away roughness, bringing out a deep down glow. Cocoa butter is also rich in emollients that help skin hold onto moisture creating long-lasting softness.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion is designed specifically to penetrate skin deeply to fight the appearance of dark spots, evening skin tone and leaving skin smooth and supple. It also has a fresh sweet fragrance that people really enjoy.

Dry skin is something we all deal with, especially in the winter. While many women tend to stay on top of their dry skin, men tend to stick to the bare minimum, such as hand cream alone. Can you give men some quick skin care tips on how to fend off the dry skin they all deal with, but many times don't address.

Many men think their skin does not require the same level of care and attention as women’s, but the fact is that men are more likely to put their skin to the test on a daily basis.

Men’s lifestyles and habits can wreak havoc on their skin and make them even more prone to the damage that harsh environments, exposure to chemicals and seasonal changes can inflict. Men often forget the crucial role skin plays in the body’s overall health, which makes it essential to care for skin on the same level they protect and nurture their bodies. The stronger a man’s skin is, the healthier he is; the more resilient it is, the better he performs. That is why men’s skin requires everyday maintenance to keep it strong and resilient at all times.

For healthy skin, I recommend using Vaseline MEN lotion daily, (compare prices) which is non-greasy and absorbs in just 15 seconds to give men strong, resilient skin. The Vaseline MEN line includes lotions that can be used on both the body and face making a man’s skincare regimen simple – which he will love. Men should also remember that his skin care routine starts in the shower. I recommend washing with a hydrating product like 2000 Vaseline MEN bar, which is specially formulated for men's cleansing needs and unlike soap, will not dry skin.

When most people think of Vaseline, they think of your petroleum jelly. There are so many uses for Vaseline. (Our beauty guide Julyne even uses it as an eye makeup remover!) What would one do with a tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and what unusual ideas have you come across in your years with Vaseline?

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (compare prices) is a most remarkable skin care product. After 130 years it is still one of the best products you can use to protect skin and keep it soft and smooth. It was originally discovered as a way to heal minor cuts and burns; and has expanded over the years to include a variety of uses.

Petroleum Jelly is often used for at-home spa treatments and beauty aides. A popular skin treatment is the white glove treatment. Before going to bed, soak your hands in warm water for two minutes. Pat dry and immediately cover in a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Now put on white gloves and go to bed. You will not believe how great your hands will feel the next morning! Also use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with salt for a foot scrub or on elbows to get rid of ashiness. Dab it lightly around the eye area to hydrate and smooth away fine lines and add to lipstick for real shine. Beauty pageant girls even use it to add shine to their smile by rubbing it on their teeth before going on stage.

Athletes also turn to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to help them perform. Runners will rub it onto their feet before putting on shoes to prevent blisters and on their body under clothes to prevent friction. Athletes that compete outside in the winter months will also rub it on their body as it insulates and keeps out the cold.

Vaseline's Renewal Age Redefining Hand Lotion targets the tell-tale signs of aging in hands. This is one area many people forget to treat as they age. Can you give us some anti-aging tips for staying on top our hands?

Start by taking good care of your hands every day. Use a moisturizing lotion, such as Vaseline Renewal Age Redefining Hand Lotion, frequently on your hands, particularly right after washing.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning so they are not exposed to harsh chemicals and wear your warm winter gloves when outside so hands are not exposed to drying winter weather. For added treatment, try the white-glove treatment with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Before going to bed, soak your hands in warm water for two minutes. Pat dry and immediately cover in a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Now put on white gloves and go to bed. Your hands will be rejuvenated the next morning. These tips will keep skin looking soft and smooth.

However, dryness is not the only indicator of aged hands. Age spots and loose skin on the hands are also tell-tale signs. These are often the result of excess sun exposure over time. So be sure to protect hands from UV rays by using a good sunscreen not just on your arms and face, but on your hands and remember to reapply lotion and sunscreen to hands after washing.

Fess up! What's your favorite Vaseline product, and why?

At the moment, my favorite product is new Vaseline Clinical Therapy (compare prices) which hit shelves in July. Clinical Therapy is an exciting new prescription strength moisturizer that is available over the counter. The lotion provides instant relief, long-lasting 24 hour hydration and sustained recovery to dry skin. It is clinically proven to provide 60% more moisture than a prescription moisturizer and is ideal to fight chronic dry skin – something over 45% of people are concerned with, especially as we head into the winter months.

The fact that Clinical Therapy is prescription strength also means that you can treat dry skin without a doctor’s appointment or prescription - saving time and money.

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