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Jamberry Nails Review

Jamberry Nails: Intro

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Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails

Image provided by Jambery
Jamberry Nails
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Jamberry Nails is a direct sales company that sells vinyl nail stickers that adhere to your nail through heat. There are more than 200 styles to choose from - from solids to crazy prints. I was so curious about them because I am a fan of nail polish strips, so I assumed this would be like nail polish strips on drugs. Even more bang. Well, yes and no.





I trimmed, filed and wiped each nail with alcohol as the instructions tell you to do. And I watched the video to make sure I knew what I was doing before I started. In the video they have the special Jamberry heater, but the instructions say to use your blow dryer, so that's what I grabbed.


This was a learning process for sure. You are to trim the nail sheets down a bit. I actually cut the entire strip in half because my nails are short and needed only about 1/4 or a bit more of a strip. This is great news because one set of strips give you multiple applications. The bummer in that is if you are using an ombre strip like I did, I didn't get much of the middle color - here, purple.

I pulled off a strip with a tweezers and held it under my blow dryer heat for a few seconds. Then, I pressed onto my nails like a sticker and rubbed it to bond.

Then, I took my nail file and filed off the excess. It took me a nail or two to see how much the pressure I needed to remove the edge, but once I got that down, it was super easy.

Lastly, I applied the air from the blow dryer to the nail to heat it up and then pressed down again to seal it properly.


How Did They Look?

Kind of like stickers. But I don't entirely mean that in a bad way.

This was my first time applying Jamberry nails and I'm going to assume that if you are looking for reviews, you haven't applied them yet either. Here are some things that I will do next time I put them on.

The curve on the nail strip never matches the actual nail bed curve. But it was my first time, so I just went with it. You can absolutely tell that this is not polish on my nails because of the generic nail strip curve. Next time I will take more time before I pull the strip off of the plastic and cut them to match my nails more.

Again, my nails tended to be in-between sizes of strips so I had to decide a bit too big or a bit too small. I chose both. On the too small ones, you have that odd side part of your nail with no "polish". On the too big ones, you have an obvious strip that is too big for your nail. No win there, either.

I realized that I had to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n. and trim up those sheets to best fit my nails.



Even with my struggles with some being a tad bit too big on the sides of my nail, these nail strips are bonded to my nail very strongly. Washing the dishes and playing with my kids in the sandbox had nothing on these nails.

I will admit to not taking them off yet, but the instructions seem rather easy, so if there is no update to this review, you can assume they came right off as directed.

Update: At about 2 weeks, one of my nails was obviously coming off, so I gently peeled it off. Within the next 2 days, they were all turning a bit gooey and ready to peel off. I will admit to not soaking them like they advise and just gently brought my nail under the nail polish strip to remove, and it did cause a little damage to a few of my nails. I take full blame because I was looking for the easy way to remove and they were all starting to come off. I'm not sure if soaking them would have been better, but I assume so.

Also, I grew to like the look of the strips as they were on my nails for a longer period of time and got multiple comments on the ombre look even though I felt it was hardly noticeable.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to shopping on Jamberry's site, the searching isn't easy. They have random categories that don't really help you in knowing what you're going to find. (e.g. the Ombre nails I have are in "Playful Pop" along with 29 other strips. Navigation is hard. With so many options, remembering where you found "that one" isn't easy.

The strips themselves do not look like you put on nail polish. And that's not a bad thing, just something worth noting.

One set of strips is $15 ($18 with shipping) and you can get at least two or three sets of nails done with them. Not bad at all if you compare it to a manicure or shellac treatment.

This is a direct sales business, but you can also simply order from their website.

With some time and practice, I can honestly see loving the durability and long-lasting look of Jamberry. And instead of direct sales, it would be great to have these nail polish strips available in the drugstore.


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