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Incoco: Nail Polish Strips Review

Incoco: Nail Polish Strips : Lemon Cream Scrub

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Incoco: Nail Polish Strips

Incoco: Nail Polish Strips

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Incoco: Nail Polish Strips are real nail polish - a base coat, color coat and top coat all fused together in a dry nail polish strip that takes no time at all to apply.

Incoco: Nail Polish Strips - Description and Directions

Incoco: Nail Polish comes in a wide variety of both color and design strips for manicures and pedicures. They are not stickers, but actual dry nail polish that adheres to your nail.

Each package comes with 16 strips, an emery board, a nail file and a packet of nail polish remover. Prices range from $7.99 to $10.99.

Incoco: Nail Polish Strips - Our Review

Things We Love:

  • Incredibly Easy: I applied my manicure in about 15 minutes with no major issues.
  • The Ability to have Instant Dry Fingernails: I jumped on the Shellac train ages ago because I always dent or nick my nail polish before it dries. This polish is instantly dry.
  • The Design Series: Sure, we can all find solid nail polish colors anywhere, but Incoco gives us something we can't get anywhere else with the amazing design series. Sure, some are 'out there' for me, but maybe not for you!
  • The Instructions: I'm not sure if every online order comes with a 3-fold instruction sheet, but ask when you order. It was very helpful for a first time strip user.

Something We Weren't Crazy About

  • The Price: Though, I will say I'm torn on that issue. We all know we can go to the drugstore and get a cheap bottle of polish for a couple of dollars. We can also get a bottle of OPI for about $10 that will last us multiple manicures. $8 to $11 on one manicure seems a bit high. But we think the ease, selection of color and instant dry time makes up for that.
  • One Size doesn't Always Fit All: For the most part, we found strips that fit each nail, but not for all of the nails. We had to chisel off some off the side on a couple to make it fit and our thumb nails natural curve at the cuticle didn't match any shape at all.
  • The Base: Where the polish starts at the cuticle, it looks a little obvious that it was stuck on instead of brushed on. But very minor.

Incoco: Nail Polish Strips

Final Thoughts: If you read any of my earlier posts about nail polish strips, you'll know that I was fully expecting these to be a waste of money. I love it when I'm proved wrong!

Applying the strips was literally a breeze and the instant-dry was the best part. To apply them, you simply need to break off the strip that fits your fingernail. Take off the plastic covering and peel off the polish. The polish is sticky, so once you set it on your nail it adheres. Start at the base and gently tug upwards, placing it down. Then, rub over it with your finger to make sure it's securely placed. The excess easily removes with a slight tug or with the help of a file.

They are perfect when you're running late and realize your nails look a mess. But they are expensive enough not to use them weekly unless you're already spending a money each week on your nails.

Did I have any issues? Yes. On one nail, I started sticking down the polish a little off-center and I wasn't sure if I pulled it off to start again if the polish would break. So, my pinky has a bit of natural nail on the side that is polish-free. I believe that just like anything, there's a learning curve with nail polish strips.

And as noted above, I do think that the base by the cuticle doesn't seamlessly blend in like a brushed-on polish would, but I'm not sure it would be noticeable to anyone else.

And now that I have a little personal insight, I can't joke about nail polish strips anymore! They're easy, professional looking and definitely not a joke.

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