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5 Steps For Younger Looking Hands


Most of us try our hardest to stop the clock in our face, but one of the places that shows aging the most is your hands. You make sure to moisturize, exfoliate and apply sunscreen to your face and neck on a regular basis, but do you remember to do the same to your hands? Chances are good, if you’re like most people, the answer is no. Make today the day that you include your hands in your skin care regime so you can knock back a few years. With regular care, you’ll notice younger looking hands.

Protect Your Hands From the Elements

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Be it cold weather or hot dish water, protect your hands. The skin on your hands is very thin and not protecting them will cause aging.

When you’re scrubbing the pots and pans in hot water or cleaning with bleach, put on some rubber or latex gloves to keep the hot water and chemicals off your skin. In the cold winter weather, wear your gloves.

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Exfoliate Your Hands

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Think about how great your face or body feels after you exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the dead layer of skin leaving only smooth new skin. If you don’t remove that layer of skin, the lotion has to work its way though it. When you exfoliate your hands at least once a week, you’ll instantly notice smoother hands.

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Keep Lotion by Your Sink

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You may start off the day with moisturizer on your hands, but after you wash, the moisturizer goes down the drain with the soap.

By keeping a lotion at your sink, you’ll get into the habit of applying lotion after you wash and dry your hands. You’ll definitely notice an immediate difference after just one day.

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Moisturize Your Cuticles.

Essie: Cuticle Pen
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Trimming your cuticles is a bit of a controversy, so keeping them hydrated will keep that dry, scaly, jagged look at bay. This is easy to do a couple times a week before bed.

Using a cuticle and nail oil, swipe a bit on the cuticle and rub in. Not only will you keep your cuticles soft, but your nails will get some extra attention as well.

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Apply Sunscreen to Your Hands Every Day

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Your hands are exposed to the sun every time you are outside; specifically when you're driving your car. And we all know from our facial care, sun is the biggest cause of premature aging.

It might take some time to remember, but if you apply sunscreen to your hands on a regular basis, I promise you’ll be happy you did; especially when you notice how great your hands look. Keep a small bottle by your keys so you don’t forget.

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