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H20+ - Skin Care Product Reviews on H20 Plus Products


H20+ is a skin care line that uses the benefits of water infused into their skin care products. They are a favorite of ours, so watch our list of H20 Plus product reviews grow.

1. H2O Plus: Pumice Foot Scrub

H2O Plus: Pumice Foot Scrub
Image courtesy PriceGrabber

Stop searching for the perfect foot scrub; this is it. And you may want to cancel your pedicure appointment, because this foot scrub will give you a better exfoliation than what they are using in the salon for professional pedicures.

2. H2O Plus: Spa Sea Salt Body Wash

H2O Plus: Sea Salt Body Wash
Image courtesy PriceGrabber
This is no wimpy shower gel, that's for sure. What it is, is a super thick, easy to lather shower gel that smells like the ocean breeze. When you tip the bottle upside down, you can't help but notice just how thick of a gel it is, and just how long it takes for the bubble to hit the bottom: luxury.

3. H2O+ Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub

H2O Plus: Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub
Image courtesy PriceGrabber

H2O Plus: Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub is a thick body scrub that leaves your skin not only exfoliated, but also moisturized with the inclusion of Shea, Cocoa and Mango butter.

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