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How to Shape Your Nails


Woman filing nails
Gianni Diliberto/The Image Bank/Getty Images

When it comes time to shape your nails, you might wonder what best or most current look is. Some women prefer square shaped nails; other women love the oval look. If you're unsure what looks best on you, take a look at your nails and you'll get a good idea.

While any shape nail will work on any woman, if you are looking for a natural looking shape, look no further then your nail bed. The half moon shape that you see is called the lunula. If you have a hard time seeing this shape as I do, gently push down at the tip of your nail and you will be able to see it a bit easier. Observe its natural shape and shape the tips of your nails accordingly.

Some people feel that if you do not shape your nails to follow your lunula, your nails will be weak and break easier. While I'm not sure that I necessarily believe that, I do know that by following the curve of your nail does make your nails look naturally pretty.

So the next time you don't know if you should go square, oval or even a sharper tip, just check out your own nail bed and shape accordingly.

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