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Soothe Dry Skin on Your Hands and Feet Tonight

Soothe Dry Skin on Your Hands and Feet Tonight


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If you've got extremely dry skin on your hands or your feet, you've probably got a closet full of lotions that haven't done the trick. Let me fill you in on a secret I learned in beauty school. Stylist's hands are in the water all day long. This can lead to dry cracked hands. Whether it's your hands or your feet (or both!) causing you problems, this trick will do the job. The best part about it? It will all be taken care of while you sleep. Follow these steps before you go to bed for skin you won't recognize.

If you're working on your feet, apply a layer of Eucerin Healing Ointment (Vaseline will work too) over your feet and cover them immediately with cotton socks for the entire night. If you're working on your hands, apply product and then put on a thin pair of cotton gloves like The Body Shop's Moisture Gloves or a pair of those super thin winter gloves.

While you're dreaming away, your super dry skin will be getting a pampering treatment of their own. The socks (or gloves) seal in the ointment which seals in the moisture. How's that for easy? No expensive creams needed.

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