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Satin Smooth -Tru Rituals: Red Currant and Iris Body Collection


Satin Smooth - Tru Rituals: Red Currant and Iris Body Collection

Satin Smooth - Tru Rituals: Red Currant and Iris Body Collection

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Satin Smooth - Tru Rituals is a line of body care products created with a lovely, unique scent of Red Currant and Iris. There are four products in the line, a body cleanser, exfoliator, body cream and hydrating oil.

Here is an overview of the product line with my thoughts after testing each product.

Tru Rituals: Red Currant and Iris Body Collection - Cleanse and Exfoliate

Quenching Body Wash

Tru Rituals: Quenching Body Wash is a thick shower gel with a pretty iridescent color. The scent is so unique and reminds me of a professional quality shampoo. Its easy-to-lather consistency works great with a bath lily or washcloth, but because of its thick consistency, it is easy to use on its own as well. This left my skin feeling soft and clean, and not overdry.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

I have mixed feelings about Tru Rituals: Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. The best part about body scrubs is that no matter what consistency you like (oily, creamy or gel-based) you'll find a scrub that fits with your tastes. This scrub is a sugar scrub, and has some of the largest particles in a scrub that I've come across. While I love coarse scrubs like this for areas that need a little TLC, such as the feet, knees and elbows, I felt it was too coarse for the areas of my skin that didn't need such a tough exfoliation. This scrub not only exfoliates, but creates a lather as well.

Tru Rituals: Red Currant and Iris Body Collection - Moisturize

Moisturizing Body Cream

Tru Rituals: Moisturizing Body Cream is a thick white cream that has such a beautiful scent. While it has good short-term moisturizing benefits, don't expect all day hydration, as you would with a body butter. This is a perfect cream to keep by the sink to apply after you wash your hands, as it soaks in very quickly and will easily hydrate from wash to wash. See if you can stop yourself from smelling your skin. For me, it was impossible; I loved it too much!

Rejuvenating Oil Mist

This is my favorite product in the Tru Rituals Red Currant and Iris Body Collection. If you're not familiar with moisturizing with body oils, it's time to learn. After your shower, partially dry off and spray your body with a body oil. (Be careful for slippery areas after application.) Your body drinks in the oil, and your left with soft, hydrated skin. What I loved so much about using Tru Rituals: Rejuvenating Oil Mist is that the scent lingered much longer than using the cream alone. Using an oil also gives you more value, as you use less than a lotion or cream. Oils are best in the hotter summer months, while using a cream in the colder months will hydrate your skin on a deeper level.

Gift Sets or Alone

You are able to purchase each product individually (buy direct) or purchase them together in a gift set (compare price).

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