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Pacifica: Solid Perfume

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Pacifica: Solid Perfume

Pacifica: Solid Perfume

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The Bottom Line

Pacifica's Solid Perfumes are the ultimate convenient beauty accessory that you can take anywhere. These tins are small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to turn heads.


  • Unique fragrances you won't find elsewhere.
  • Hip, adorable designs are printed on the tins.
  • Vegan friendly
  • These tins are convienent and portable.
  • Priced right for everyone.


  • Scent doesn't last all day, you must reapply mid day.
  • It's unfortunate that the tin has to be boxed when all of the info is printed on the tin.


  • Solid perfume that comes in adorable carry-along tins.
  • Simply rub your finger in the wax based fragrance and apply to your typical pulse points.
  • These gems are available for around $9.00.
  • The scent won't last all day; you'll need to reapply mid day.

Guide Review - Pacifica: Solid Perfume

I must admit, Pacifica is one of my favorite brands. It all started with the introduction to their Malibu Lemon Blossom scent. (read my review) That introduction has turned into quite the Pacifica obsession. Pacifica is fun, unique and creates the most decadent fragrances out there.

Pacifica launched their solid perfumes in Feb of 2008, and they are hot commodities everywhere. Here's what I love about them:

  • These little gems cost less than $9.00! So you're able to pick a few and stay way under budget.
  • I love the whimsical designs that Pacifica has. I've yet to see a design that I didn't love.
  • Pacifica's Solid Perfumes make incredible gifts. You can pick your favorite scent or grab a few for a great gift. It's affordable and sure to please.
  • These tins are handbag proof, no matter what you have in your bag. The tin will stay closed, not dent and definitely not leak all over everything like a liquid perfume may. They are even airport-friendly.

You use these solid perfumes as you would your regular perfume, by applying it to your neck, wrists, behind your ear, or where ever you typically apply perfume. Be aware that these will not last you all day. The fragrance does diminish in time, but because you can mindlessly stick these in your bag, you're free to reapply as needed!

The perfumes are a mixture of coconut wax and soy wax mixed with natural and essential oils needed to make the scent. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite Pacifica perfume, but my two current winter must-haves are their Mexican Cocoa, which is sweet, yet dark and sexy, and their Madagascar Spice, which is sultry and spicy. And for warmer weather, I adore the Malibu Lemon Blossom and Mediterranean Fig because of their sweetness. And because they are so inexpensive, it's OK to have a few favorites, because even in this economy, we can afford them!

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