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Review of the Ped Egg

Ped Egg

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Ped Egg

Ped Egg

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Ped Egg Description:

This unique product is an egg shaped filing tool for your feet. It is intended to eliminate callouses, dry skin and to provide overall smooth feet.

The Ped Egg is about 4 inches long, shaped like a light blue egg and comes apart in the middle. One half is the cover of the egg and the other half, the blades, which look like a cheese grater, is what you use to file away the dead skin on your feet. The blade side of the egg also comes apart in the middle because that is where your skin shavings are collected and you must dump them out.

At the time of this review, the price of the Ped Egg is about $10.

Ped Egg - How to Use

When you first open your Ped Egg, you will notice that you have to actually assemble it. It looks confusing at first, but if you follow the directions step by step, it all goes together easily.

The blade side of the Ped Egg fits comfortably in your hand and you basically just file away the skin on your feet with short, quick strokes. The instructions warn not to file too much and this is important to remember when using. It is easy to file too much and shave away too much skin.

The product also comes with egg shaped emery boards. You can take off the backing and stick them on the cover of your Ped Egg for further maintenance of your feet if you need it.

Ped Egg - Our Review

Things We Love

  • Size: The Ped Egg is compact and the fact that it easily fits in your hand makes it an easy tool to use.
  • Design: As gross as it is, we like that the design traps the shavings from your feet so there is no mess to clean up after use.
  • No irritations: This product did not irritate sensitive skin (as long as you do not shave too much at once.

Something We Weren't Crazy About

  • The Shavings: The fact that I have to look at and then clean my skin shavings out of the Ped Egg was really gross.
  • Overall Improvement: I found that the product really didn't "cure" my dry skin or callouses, of course. It made them look better for a short time, but before I knew it, I had to use the Ped Egg again and again.

What's Better? Monthly Pedicures or Monthly Ped Egg-icures? In my opinion, monthly pedicures all the way. I either shaved too much dry skin off with the Ped Egg and had to wait for it to basically grow back and start over or I had to keep doing it every few days to keep up with the dry skin.

Whereas, if I get a monthly pedicure because of the all-over uniform exfoliation, the soft skin seems to last longer without much extra maintenance. It's cheaper to go with a Ped Egg, but I definitely prefer the monthly pedicure.

Ped Egg - Final Thoughts

The commercials I've seen for this product always made me wonder if it would give me feet as smooth as the ones they show on TV. The bottom line is that it may improve the way your feet look for a day or so, but you have to really keep up the filing maintenance in order for it to last. That combined with the ick factor of dealing with my own skin shavings makes me prefer getting monthly pedicures over using this product.

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