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Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit

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Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit

Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit

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The Bottom Line

Price is something we completely consider when we do our reviews at About.com's skin care site. This kit, as of the time this review was written, sells for $42. We know that $42 can be a bit of an expense for some for less than a month's worth of product, but we feel this kit is completely worth the $42, and you'll definitely see results.


  • Perfect sizes to get started.
  • Detailed instructions come with the products.
  • The Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator is simply amazing!
  • SPF 30 in the Sunscreen Moisturizer.
  • Complete day and night treatments.


  • I wish the cleanser had a bit more in it, seeing you use it twice a day.


  • Daily Cleanser - Use morning and night to thoroughly clean your face and softly exfoliate the dead skin. (3% Glycolic acid)
  • Resurfacing Accelerator - Contains 15% Glycolic cleanser which helps reduce age spots, fine lines, acne scars and dull skin.
  • Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 - Use as your day moisturizer. It contains a hefty SPF 30, which we love.
  • Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator - Use as your pm moisturizer. It contains skin-healthy ingredients like peptides and vitamins.

Guide Review - Skin Authority: GO! Gorgeous Kit

Skin Authority's GO! Gorgeous kit contains four fantastic skin care products that will see you through both day and night for 21 days. As stated above, we aren't always quick to buy short-term skin care kits, but this really does give you the perfect amount of time to see benefits and see what products you love out of the kit.

Here are our thoughts on each product.

  • Daily Cleanser - This cleanser is a clear gel consistency that easily foams and thoroughly removes all of the makeup and dirt on your skin. Even though it contains glycolic acid, it's not harsh and didn't irritate our skin at all.
  • Resurfacing Accelerator - This product is amazing. It's suggested to only apply in the evening until your skin adjusts, then in the am as well. It contains 15% glycolic acid which will completely help rejuvenate your skin by encouraging faster cell turnover. Again, it's a clear gel and immediately soaks into your skin.
  • Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 - While we love the SPF 30 in this product, we felt as though we were simply applying a thick sunscreen. The good thing is that unlike a sunscreen, this completely soaks into your skin, leaving a nice matte finish. The product is a thick, white cream.
  • Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator - We couldn't get enough of this night-time moisturizer. When using the 3-step night regimen, this moisturizer instantly soaked into our skin, leaving it uncommonly soft and smooth. And in the morning when we wake up, we still are in awe that our skin looks and feels so soft.

The biggest thing we noticed when using GO! Gorgeous is how our pores seemed to disappear. The 4 products are easy to use and each have a benefit. Our favorites in the kit were Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator and Resurfacing Accelerator, which we think give the most bang for the buck.

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