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Koh Gen Do: Oriental Plants Skin Care Line

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants


Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants

Image provided by Koh Gen Do

Koh Gen Do comes to us from Tokyo, where they have been creating skin care products for 23 years. Their makeup is highly respected, and their skin care approach is that of being gentle to your skin.

According to Koh Gen Do's description on their website, regular use of the 5-step Oriental Plants skin care line will give your skin softness, smoothness, clarity, firmness, and vitality.

Read on to see what our reviewer thought about the line, if she'd splurge on it or if she's ready to move on to the next line.

Koh Gen Do: Oriental Plants Description and Thoughts

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants is a 5 step cleansing and moisturizing regimen that has you use 4 steps in the morning and 5 steps at night. Here is a brief description of each product.

Step 1 - Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream This is not a cleanser, but a make-up remover. It is creamy, completely unscented and did not irritate my skin. I don't wear a lot of make-up, but it seemed to remove it well. (PM only)

Step 2 - Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Clean Foam This is the "cleanser" as we know them. It is light, unscented and left my face squeaky clean, but not dry. Not irritating in the least bit, either.

Step 3 - Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Essence This product is a bit thinner in consistency than a serum. Again, it's unscented and didn't irritate my skin. I can't say my skin felt ultra-hydrated afterward, and the directions and literature were a bit vague about what the purpose of this product was exactly. But, it absorbed quickly and wasn't greasy.

Step 4 - Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skin Lotion This was not lotion-like in consistency at all. It was a liquid. Again, completely unscented and non-irritating, but difficult to apply because of it's water-like consistency. Although I tried, using a cotton ball didn't help much with application. It did absorb quickly and wasn't greasy.

Step 5 - Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream This product was nice and creamy and absorbed at the rate of other facial creams. Again, this was non-irritating and completely unscented.

Koh Gen Do: Oriental Plants Review

I was really excited and ready to be impressed with Koh Gen Do because of the reviews I've read about the makeup. Although this line didn't cause any skin issues and hydrated well, it didn't wow me, either. My skin felt no worse or better after regular use.

The multiple steps required morning and night, combined with the fact the lotion was difficult to apply and there's no SPF protection in any of the products, leaves me feeling very underwhelmed.

I feel like there is something being lost in translation with these products. The instructions in the packaging were completely in Japanese. On the back of the boxes, there was a translated sticker in English placed over the Japanese writing. As stated above, I didn't know the benefits of using the Plants Essence. Once I went to the website, I saw that there was more information about each product - what's in it and how to use it. It would have been helpful to have that with the products.

And 4 to 5 steps seems like a lot of steps, but the fact that none of the products have SPF in them means I have to add another step into the regimen, which is too much for me.

I will say that this line was the most genuinely "unscented" product line I've ever encountered. These products truly have no smell. I was impressed by that, and I can see how people with sensitive skin would like this feature.

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