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What is an Illuminating Facial Moisturizer?


What is an Illuminating Facial Moisturizer?
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Question: What is an Illuminating Facial Moisturizer?
When shopping for a new face moisturizer, I noticed a few that said "illuminating". What is an illuminating face moisturizer, and what exactly will it do for my skin?

Illuminating face moisturizers are one of my favorite beauty secrets. Do you notice how matte skin is not what you're seeing these days? Gone are the days where women would look like they had a face full of powder. When you flip on your favorite TV show, notice how the women seem to have an inner-glow to them. That inner-glow is likely an illuminating moisturizer.

An illuminating moisturizer is simply a daily moisturizer with light reflecting particles to make your skin full of the coveted "glow". When having dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a few months, she told me that whatever I was doing to my skin was working because my skin was "radiant". Radiant has never been a word I would use to describe my skin, and my secret was an illuminating moisturizer.

If you are a fan of the glowing face (and you should be-it suits everyone), definitely pick up an illuminating moisturizer. Make sure you have a regular moisturizer in your stash as well if you think you'll want a more matte look for any reason.

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