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Review - Pure Skin Care: Black Rice Anti-Aging Dual Phase Night Cream

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Review - Pure Skin Care: Black Rice Anti-Aging Dual Phase Night Cream
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At 37 years old, I was in the market to find an anti-aging cream that would help some of my fine lines disappear without drying out my skin or causing breakouts and irritation. My skin type is very fair and sensitive so I have to be careful when picking out a new product.

Black Rice Anti-Aging Dual Phase Night Cream Review

I was first attracted to Black Rice Night Cream's simple and sleek packaging. Made in Italy, the cream comes in a sleek white .84 oz bottle with a wide black cap. I also noticed that compared to some other brands, it was reasonably priced. It sells for about $11.99-$15 at most drugstores.

The cream comes in a double dispenser pump. To use, you must press the double dispenser at the same time and mix the two formulas (one is a pink gel and other other is a white cream) together in the palm of your hand. The mixed formula is to be massaged over your face and neck each evening. Mixing the two was a bit of a drag, and I'm not exactly sure if it was necessary for the two to remain separate until application or if it was just to be different.

The dual formula contains 100% Italian black rice extract and was not irritating to my sensitive skin. After using it for the first night, I knew I could continue to use it because it did not cause any irritation or dryness to my face. In the past, some night creams have stung my face after the first application, but this one did not.

After using it for a few days, I also noticed that it did not cause any breakouts. And, after using the night cream for about a week, I noticed in pictures of myself that my face looked visibly smoother and healthy. I also did see some lines disappear on my forehead and near my eyes.

I have had no adverse reactions to this anti-aging cream and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for an anti-aging cream that works well with sensitive skin.

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