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H2O+ Face Oasis

H2O+ Face Oasis Product Reviews

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H2O+ Face Oasis
H2O+ is one of my favorite skin care lines, so I had little doubt that I was going to love the Oasis line of facial skin care products. And while most of the experience of using them was great, I wasn't left "wow-ed", as I thought I would be. In fact, there was something about these products that really didn't leave me begging for more. Read on to see what was my issue.

H2O+ Face Oasis: Ultra Hydrator

H2O+ Face Oasis: Ultra Hydrator is a beautiful light blue gel with little white moisture beads. The beads instantly melt on your face, and the gel provides ample moisture even for the driest of skin. The scent is light and lovely, and the product feels cool to your skin when applied. The product is packaged in an upscale glass jar, and it really looks like a nice, high-end product.

I loved how the gel went on my skin, and watching the little beads disappear was a nice additive. While applying, I loved the entire feeling my skin was treated with.

Then, it was absorbed into my skin.

There was an obvious feeling of a film being left on my face. Protective barrier? Perhaps, but what it felt like was a lightly applied gel-type mask that I wanted to remove.

I loved the product until it dried. After several more applications, I realized that this was just part of Ultra Hydrator, and that was enough for me.

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Moisture Lock

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Moisture Lock

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Moisture Lock

Image provided by H2O+

H2O+ Night Oasis is a night-time facial moisturizer is a beautiful blue gel, again with little moisture beads floating inside. It comes packaged in a square glass bottle, and definitely impresses you immediately.

The scent is fresh and lovely. (My son opened it and immediately said, "Oooh! It smells like the pool!") Again, as in the product above, what a joy it is to put on this moisturizer. It's like a treat for your skin. The gel instantly cools down your skin, and leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

And, again, as I stated above: Then it was absorbed into my skin It left a definite tight film, not noticeable when looking at my skin, but obviously there.

H2o+'s description says, "Our Night Oasis™ Overnight Moisture Lock Mask contains H2O Plus’ exclusive Sea Mineral Complex™ formulated with Fucus Serratus Extract, a brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean, to improve the skin’s barrier guarding against excessive moisture loss."

Perhaps it is the Sea Mineral Complex I'm feeling on my skin. Even if it improves my skin's barrier, it's not a lovely feeling to be left with - day or night.

Again, totally impressed with everything, until it was absorbed.

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Eye Complex

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Eye Complex can be used as a night cream for your eyes, or as an "intensive daily eye cream". I used it as both.

This gel is light blue, like the Ultra Hydrator. It comes in a square glass jar, like a mini Overnight Moisture Lock. Unlike the other two products reviewed, there are no floating white beads in this product.

What I loved about this eye gel is the cooling sensation it provides. It is a definite pick-me-up for tired eyes, and feels lovely going on - day or night. I felt it helped reduce the puffiness under my eyes when I used it in the morning. I also love how little product you need. A tiny bit of gel is more than enough.

But, again, there was an obvious feeling of tightness or a film, though, not nearly as much as the facial moisturizers. And because the film was much less noticeable, Overnight Eye Complex is my favorite product of the three I reviewed. And again, as with all of the products, this isn't visible by sight, just by feeling.

I do feel that H2O+ does inform us about the layer left behind, because in each of the descriptions, there is a quote like this: "...leaving skin feeling hydrated, smooth and protected from external environmental damage.

Maybe you like the "feeling" of being protected from free radicals, but personally, I'd rather know I'm being protected, and not feel the feeling of protection.

H2O+ Face Oasis: Final Thoughts

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Eye Complex

H2O+ Night Oasis: Overnight Eye Complex

Image provided by H2O+

As you probably can gather, if these products didn't leave the feeling of a film or tightness left behind, I would rate them much higher. They feel lovely going on - They're cooling and soothing, and I can only imaging how great they would be for a summer product line.

Many products claiming to firm your skin do leave behind a bit of a tight feeling, and if you're looking for that, you'll definitely get that with H2O+ Face Oasis lines. But if that's not the feeling you're going for, you'll be disappointed.

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