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15 Festive Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Women - $15 or Less

Stocking Stuffers for Women


When you've got a laundry list of friends, teachers and coworkers to shop for this year, it can be easy to go overboard. This year, keep your bank account happy by picking out some of these fantastic stocking stuffers for women. Each gift will cost you $15 or less!

1. Sephora Brand: Cool Wand for Lips

We're loving this lip balm gift set from Sephora Brand. The wand contains 6 mini lip glosses - one more bold and one that has the slightest hint of color. They are all flavored with Mango scent and are noted to be non-sticky lip balms. Only $10 for this cute set!

2. Avon: Holiday Hand Cream

Avon: Holiday Hand Cream
Image provided by Avon

Don't forget Avon if you have a bunch of teachers or coworkers to show for. They have an adorable gifts perfect for buying in bulk. A 10-piece lotion and deodorant set is only $10 and contains 6 lotions and 4 deodorants. Keep the deodorants for yourself (they get great reviews!) and pass on the lotions.

With as often as teachers have to wash their hands, they'll appreciate having a variety of lotions to keep all winter long. ($1 people!)

3. The Body Shop: Cranberry Joy Heart Soap

The Body Shop: Cranberry Joy Heart Soap
Image provided by The Body Shop

Look at this darling little hand soap that costs only $4. It would be perfect paired with anything. They have a few scents to choose from: Cranberry Joy, Ginger Sparkle and Vanilla Bliss. (We picked up a couple for our kid's teachers!)

4. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Mini Rollerball Coffret

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Mini Rollerball Coffret
Image provided by Sephora

How cute is this set by Harajuku Lovers? It's a set of 5 fragrances with images of super-stylish girls of Tokyo's famous Harajuku shopping district. Here are the scents that are included in the set.

  • Love: Fruity Floral
  • Lil' Angel: Sparkling Floral
  • Music: Woody Floral
  • Baby: Vanilla Floral
  • G: Fruity Floral

5. Korres: Buttered Up

Korres: Buttered Up
Image provided by Sephora

This two-piece lip set from Korres is a perfect pampering gift for any woman. It contains a Lip Butter in a pot and a Lip Butter Glaze in a tube. Both products give your lips a hint of Pomegranate color as well as deep hydration.

6. Mark: Star Status Eye Shadow Palatte

Mark: Star Status Eye Shadow Palatte
Image provided by Mark

Either of these two eyeshadow palette's from Mark would be great for the girl on your list who loves to play up the eyes. The baked shadow help the color last longer and it's perfect for the new year party that's coming up.

7. Hello Kitty Fragrance

Hello Kitty Fragrance
Image provided by Sephora

How adorable is this? I'm a mom of a little miss who adores Hello Kitty, so I can't help but love it right along with her. The fragrance has notes of green apple and Japanese fruits, floral and vanilla and a little hint of musk. Gets great reviews!

8. Pacifica: Roll On Perfume

Pacifica: Roll On Perfume
Image provided by Sephora

We love Pacifica. Their packaging, their scents, their selection - we love it all! Any girl would love any one of their roll on perfumes. Pictured here is the Tuscan Blood Orange line, but others to check out are Hawaiian Ruby Guava and Island Vanilla.

9. Hello Kitty Apple Balm

Hello Kitty Apple Balm
Image provided by Sephora

Hello Kitty is all the rage these days, so we had to add this darling Hello Kitty Apple Balm to our list. Priced at $10, this is not a kids-only lip balm. It adds a hint of color and is packed with extracts of strawberry, apple, and grape seed to hydrate your lips. Many reviewers give this balm high reviews.

10. Bath and Body Works: Aromatherapy Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works: Aromatherapy Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion
Image provided by Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works has a ton of gifts under $15, but we're highlighting the Aromatherapy Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion because it's a stress-reducing scent mixture of Vanilla Absolute, White Water Lily and Malachite. It's perfect to relieve the holiday tension. Pick this for a hostess gift for that person who's slaved away in the kitchen making the party a huge success.

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