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Top 6 Holiday Gifts that Give Back


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Thistle Farms
Thistle Farms: Hand Poured Candle

Thistle Farms: Hand Poured Candle

Image provided by Thistle Farms

This beautiful candle may look like a simple candle, but it is really much, much more than that. This eco-friendly vegan candle is hand made by the women of Magdalene, "a 2-year residential community founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction." These women own and operate a non-profit business called Thistle Farms.

The women create natural eco-friendly skin care and home products. The sales of these products go towards supporting all of the residents at Magdalene, who are able to live at Magdalene for two years, gaining the strength, confidence and knowledge to change their lives. This not only creates income, but also job skills for these women.

Choose from the following scents: Lavender, Rose Grapefruit, Citrus Vanilla, Tuscan Earth, Tea Tree Mint. (buy direct)

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