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How To Exfoliate


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Exfoliating is the only way to ensure baby soft skin. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead layer of skin cells and prepare your skin for moisturizer. Learn how to exfoliate with these tips.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. It's important to apply exfoliator to wet skin, so exfoliating in the shower or bath is best.
  2. Take a scoop of exfoliator and work from the top of your body down, starting with the shoulders. (Never use a body exfoliator on your face. They are too harsh for facial skin. Instead pick a facial exfoliator to use.)
  3. Apply exfoliator to your skin and gently rub in circular motions to buff off dead skin cells.
  4. Pay close attention to your elbows, knees, heals or anywhere that has thicker dry skin. You can get an exfoliating tool or file to help with these areas.
  5. Continue rubbing in circular motions until you have exfoliated your entire body.
  6. Rinse product completely off. Be aware that oil-based scrubs can leave your tub extra slippery. Take caution when getting out of the tub.
  7. After exfoliating, your skin is in prime condition for moisturizer. Make sure to apply ample amount to your entire body. (And do so every time you get out of the shower.)
  8. Repeat this process 1 to 2 times per week for best results.


  1. There are many types of exfoliators: oil-based, creamy, salty. You can buy exfoliators at any drugstore or cosmetics store like Sephora or Ulta.
  2. Exfoliating is a good thing to do prior to shaving for extra smooth skin. Make sure you exfoliate before you shave, to avoid irritation.
  3. Don't have an exfoliator at home? Make your own! You only need sugar, brown sugar or salt combined with oil. Add in a few drops of essential oils for fragrance if you'd like. (see some homemade skin care recipes).
  4. If using a skin brush to exfoliate, brush your skin when it's dry, before you get in the shower. Doing this will do a good job of exfoliating your skin, but you'll still likely need to use an exfoliator for the extra dry areas, such as knees, elbows and heels.
  5. Experiment with exfoliators until you find one you really love. Oily exfoliators are best for dry winter months, where creamy ones are perfect for summer.

What You Need

  • Shower or bath
  • Exfoliating product
  • Exfoliating tool, such as a file. (optional - only needed for very rough areas)
  • moisturizer
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